3 Mindset Hacks For Weight Loss


Hey Lovely This week I wanted to share with you 3 Mindset Hacks that you must implement if you truly want to lose weight permanently and end that battle with food. When I was struggling with my weight and emotional eating I thought the only way to succeed and to shift the kilos was to…

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What purpose are weight and food serving for you right now?


Hey lovely This week I’m covering an important topic on the PURPOSE of weight and food. If you’re struggling to shift the excess weight or to get those eating habits under control, then this will give you a whole new way of approaching it that will ensure you achieve permanent success! No more diets, no…

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3 Easy Self Love Steps That Will Work Even For The Busiest Of Women!


Hi Lovely One of the most common things I see women doing is forgetting to put themselves first and show themselves some love. I mean how often do you say I love you, to yourself? How often do you take time out and put you first? How often do you pamper yourself with a bubble…

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3 Must-Do’s For Permanent Weight Loss!


Hey lovely this week I want to share with you the 3 Must Do’s For Permanent Weight Loss! By now I’m sure you know my approach to weight loss is very different, no calories, no dieting, no weight loss products have a watch of the video below to see if you’re doing these 3 essential…

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Why You Should Stop Dieting!


Hi Lovely This week I want to talk to you about diets and how and why they aren’t working for you. If you’re anything like I was, I struggled to lose weight using diets for years, I went round in circles feeling like a failure it was crazy. I started to think that there was…

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EMOTIONAL Eating. The Secret You NEED To Know


Hi Lovely I want to let you in on a secret that will transform your emotional eating habits for good! You can watch the video below or continue reading on! I see it time and time again with women who struggle with EMOTIONAL EATING, they put all the focus on the EATING part and forget…

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Why you find yourself at your fridge when you’re not even hungry!


Hey lovely, I wanted to share a live video I recorded on Facebook a few weeks ago. I was talking about why it feels like food has a power over you and how sometimes you can find yourself at the fridge or kitchen cupboard and not even know why. Sound familiar? Give this week’s video…

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The #1 Weight Loss Secret you NEED to Know!


Hey Lovely In this week’s video I’m sharing all with you about The #1 Weight Loss Secret You NEED To Know! You see when it comes to weight loss, we’ve got it all wrong. Have you ever wondered why you’ve been on so many diets but still haven’t got a result? Or why you’ve lost…

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How to stay motivated…. whether it’s with exercise, food habits or being positive, this works for everything!


Hey Ladies If you’re struggling with staying motivated, maybe you yo-yo up and down, then give this video a watch, it will ensure you get clear and focused and that you stay on track. I know how frustrating it is when you feel you’re going round in circles, so it’s time this ends for good!…

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1 Simple Step To Get What You Want In 2017.


Hey Lovely If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re in a state of reflection and goal setting right now as the New Year approaches fast, so I wanted to share something that has really helped me this year and enabled me to move out of that place of struggle and frustration of not moving.…

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