🍰The Day I Ate A 6 Person Mr Kipling French Fancy Cake…🍰

Hi Lovely

I hope you’re having a great week! Today we’re delving into what on earth cravings are and how to stop them! (And also share some of my darkest times with food!)

When I was in my food craze stage, the cravings I used to get were next level, I’m talking like possessed by a demon kind of level! Food had this power over me that I could not fight, not even with all my willpower.

If I knew there was food in the kitchen when I was in one of those phases, there would be nothing I could do to stop it. I might fight it for a while but before I knew it I’d be in the kitchen, head in the cupboard, snuffling the chocolate.

😴 There have even been times when I’ve been curled up in bed, pjs on, on the verge of sleep and I’d get the urge for something sweet. I’d get back up, get dressed, go out (sometimes even in the cold and rain) go to the shop, just to buy something to eat.

When my cravings got to the worst point, I’d bought a massive version of a Mr Kipling French Fancy cake made to share with 6 people (see below). I’d convinced myself I’d share it with my house mates…of course that didn’t happen. I spent the next few hours back and forth to the kitchen eating the cake piece by piece until I made myself feel really ill with all the sugar but also all the stress, guilt and shame it was causing me!

I felt like in that moment I had absolutely no control over what I was doing. Part of me was saying 'eat the cake, you know you want to' and the other part really wanted to stop but I just couldn’t. 😈

I didn’t know it at the time but this was one of my big turning points in healing my relationship with food because it was in this moment I realised just how bad it had got.

So what are cravings and why does this happen? Here are a few things to remember…

#1. It Can Be Physical 💪🏼

Your body can physically crave things like sugar and salt and all the nasty additives that are put in a lot of man made foods. If you eat these foods regularly you’ll have a certain level within your body, when these levels start to drop your body will want more. Sugar is a drug!

This is something to really consider when you’re making decisions about what foods to eat. Once you start to get the sugar out of your system and detox you’ll find the cravings will start to lessen.

However what I’ve found over my time with working with women in this space is that most of us actually have emotional cravings as well that keep us coming back for more even if we deal with the physical side!

#2. It Can Be Emotional 💗

If there has been a time in your life that food served as a positive purpose, for example you were sad and it gave you comfort. You were stressed, it calmed you down. You were bored and it gave you something to do. This created a positive association with food. It actually created a neural pathway in your mind that tells you food= happiness (fill this in with endless different things, comfort, relief, satisfaction, pleasure etc)

We are creatures of habit, which kind of means your mind is a bit lazy in some respects. Instead of seeking out new solutions to help you deal with something, it will revert back to what it knows. If you feel sad, stressed, or bored now, your mind fires off the same neural pathways that it did in the past to help you feel better…by using food. Make sense?

The unconscious part of your mind (where all your habits, programs and behaviours run) always wants the best for you, so if you’re feeling low it will push you to do the things that it perceives will make you feel better. And for so many of us that’s food, based purely on our past programming.

The reason we experience the tug of war, angel vs devil effect, where part of you wants to eat the cake and part doesn’t is because part of your mind (unconscious) thinks that food is going to give you happiness or relief from your pain and the other part (conscious) knows logically that it’s only going to make you feel worse. (Cue guilt, shame, regret) 🍫🍰🍩 So you’re actually battling against your own mind. It’s tough. And the worst part is that the unconscious will always win over.

Overcoming emotional eating is not about willpower, or having more determination it’s about looking at the programs and patterns that are running that are keeping this habit alive.

✍🏻 A great place to start with this is ask the following questions with a journaling exercise when you get a craving…

WHY do I want to eat this food?
What emotion am I feeling right now?
How could I deal with this in a more positive way?
Where has this pattern of behaviour come from?
When did I first start using food this way?
How is eating this food really going to make me feel?
How do I want my relationship with food to be instead?

Avoid being too hard on yourself when it comes to your current relationship with food because it really is a result of your past programming which can definitely be changed. With the right tools and some consistent action you can rewire your mind as easily as it was wired!

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this! And if you have any questions be sure to let me know.

Leanne x x