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If you're like me, once you've made a decision to change something...you want to get a head-start, right?


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I know having someone work with you to identify the missing pieces of the puzzle is absolutely vital if you want to achieve a long term result.

Knowing how to overcome sabotage patterns, doubts and excuses is essential in order to break through unhelpful eating habits that tripped you up in the past.

If you really are READY to take control, be one of the few who will get a head start!


I have a small number of FREE 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help you address your individual challenges.

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** Please note, due to a limited calendar availability these sessions are for new ladies only. If you're currently working with me or have worked with me previously, then I'll see you in our sessions or in our support groups where you can ask me whatever you need. If you're a newbie to Mind Over Muffin then jump on in!**

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In this free session you will get . . .

  • A personalised plan, so you can halt your negative eating faster than going it alone
  • An understanding of your specific food triggers, so you can stop the cycle quickly
  • Tools to overcome the blocks that have kept you stuck

To get yours, you'll need to claim it now as spaces are strictly limited.

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This could be you . . .

Theresa. Australia

After 20 years of struggling with my weight I’ve lost 14cms off my waist alone, I'm back in a pair of jeans that haven’t fitted me for 18 months, my portion sizes have naturally decreased and I’m no longer constantly (emotionally) hungry, it’s a great feeling. I've never managed to lose so much weight without a diet before and I am truly happy that I no longer feel the need to step on the scales every morning to measure my success.

Gudi. UK

Using the tools Leanne gave me I was able to discover when, where and why my weight gain started. With this realisation I’ve been able to shift the excess weight I’ve been carrying for so many years. I have a new found confidence, I am happy and I believe in myself again. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone.

Kristie. USA

Before working with Leanne I had struggled with my weight my whole life. I tried every diet imaginable but nothing worked long term. Leanne has essentially transformed my life, in just 3 months I have lost 15lbs (nearly 7kgs) and still going strong. Im working out 5 plus times per week whereas before I had to drag myself onto the treadmill. I’m loving my body, feeling good about myself and am no longer determined by my weight. This has given me key to being comfortable in my own skin!

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Can't wait to speak to you and support you on this journey!

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