5 Key Principles To Obliterate Over Eating In Minutes



Hi guys Leanne here, The Food Relationship Expert and in today's video I want to share with you the 5 Key Principles To Obliterate Over Eating In Minutes so you can take back control and reach your goals quicker than you imagined.

So I know when you are on your weight loss journey that over eating is one of the biggest problems women face is over eating and eating the wrong foods and it absolutely ruins your weight loss success.

So I am going to show you the 5 Key Principles that you can implement immediately that are really going to help sky rocket your results.

Number One: Make sure you are eating before you are really hungry. This is one of the big mistakes women make, is letting yourself get really really starving hungry (which tends to be the case on a ot of diets) and then you end up over eating because you are so hungry and end up shovelling the food in at full speed and eating way too much.

Your body needs to know it is getting regular food, when you starve yourself, miss a meal, enter into serious hunger, your body thinks its in starvation mode so it's really important that you eat regularly and before you get hungry so your body know whats going on.

Step Two. When you come to eat I want you to put less on your plate. Cut your portion size down. Just pick an amount that you are going to cut it down by and stick to it, whether it be a third, a quarter, half, whatever you think, but do it. Remember your enjoyment of food is not based on the quantity you eat it but it should be on the quality of what you eat. This is really important because we are living in a time where portion sizes are huge and I can guarantee is you are over weight you are eating too much, we have lost track of what a healthy portion size should be.

Step Three. Eat Slower. Slow the whole eating process right down. Slow it down, take your time and allow the food to take the time it needs to actually reach your stomach.When you eat slower this will give your mind and body time to actually register that food is on it's way and has reach ed your stomach before the whole lot gets piled in and hit s your stomach all at once. (we've all had this before - usually results in you then having to go for a lie down afterwards and snooze it off) most people refer to it as a food comma!

Step Four.In between each mouthful, put your knife and fork down, lean back from the plate, lean back from the table, and take your time to chew your food, taste your food and enjoy it. Keep your hands away from the table until you have finished the mouth full. Sounds easy doesn't it - you will be surprised. But stick to it. This will really help you slow down the whole eating process and start allowing you to actually give the food time to reach your tummy and stop you eating as much. When your stomach starts to register that the food is there, you will still have half of your plate left when eating slower and will eat only the amount you actually need. This will retrain your mind and body to get used to the amount of food it actually needs.

Step Five. Really think about what it is you are eating. Pay attention to the taste and enjoy it. Think about it and enjoy the whole experience, savour it. Actually remember having eaten your meal instead of shovelling it in and thinking about what to eat next. This will really really make such a difference for you and completely obliterate the over eating!

So give it a go guys and notice how much more aware you become of what you are eating, how much you are eating and how much more you enjoy the whole experience. You might even find you are surprised when you finish your meal and still have some left on your plate!

Use the steps, put it into practice and enjoy taking back control and totally obliterating over eating!!


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