• 1 x 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session With Me (Leanne) Where We Will Clear Some Of The Unconscious Triggers That Are Effecting Your Eating Habits
  • A Detailed Kickstarter Pack To Complete So I Can Put A Personalised Plan Together For Your Session
  • An Action Plan To Move Forwards After The Session And Stay On Track With Your Goals
  • WHY You Emotionally Eat Or Binge⁣⁣ And How To Take Back Control
  • WHY Your Body Might Be Holding On To Weight And How To Get It To Finally Shift And Stay Off⁣⁣
  • WHY You Feel The Way You Do About Your Body⁣⁣ And How To Bring More Self Love Into Your Life
  • Why You Eat When You're Stressed, Bored, Lonely Or Wanting Comfort And How To Stop It
  • How To Break Up With Your Scales And Finally Wave Goodbye To Diets!
  • How To Look In The Mirror And Love What You See