Discover Your Weight Story & Finally Move On

Hey ladies, Leanne here. Today I want to talk to you about something that is crucial for your weight loss success.

If right now you are trying to lose weight, maybe you’ve been struggling for years, you could be on diets right now, going round in circles, losing a bit of weight to put it back on. Or it could be your relationship with your body, perhaps you hate what you see in the mirror, you dread wearing a bikini or hate being seen naked?

If any of this sounds like you then trust me you will want to listen to this. And remember I know first hand what it feels like to be there. I battled with this for years and what I am about to share with you really helped me break through.

Watch this week’s video below:

I want you to think about that where you are right now in your life is causing you some discomfort or a problem. We become so focused on now, the problem consumes us as though it is around us every second of the day.

Although it feels like now is the problem, the real issue originated a long time ago, somewhere in the past.

So this week I want you to spend some time thinking about were did your weight loss story or body story originate from. When did you first become aware of you body, your shape, your weight, your size? When did you relationship with food take a turn?

So why is the past so important? Because 85% of your neurological pathways are formed by the age of 8 – how crazy is that? That means that how you experienced the world then is how you continue to experience the world now – 85& of it anyway!

Time and time again my clients have been through something similar to this, being told by a parent, teacher, friend, potential boyfriend or someone they looked up to;

‘you really should start watching your weight’
‘you’ve put on some pounds’
‘you probably shouldn’t eat that cake’
‘you’re getting to the age now where you should watch what you are eating’
‘ you won’t stay slim forever’

I wonder where the body obsessing comes from? hmmm?

Or another common one is food being used as a treat or reward;

‘If you’re good then we will go to McDonalds’
‘If you behave then we will go to the shops for some sweets’
‘If you finish all your vegetables then you can have dessert’
‘Oh you’ve had a bad day at school? Here, this chocolate muffin will make it all better’

It’s no wonder when we have had a hard day at work all we want to do is get home and have something sweet to make it all better.

Other people are also forced to sit and finish their meal and clear the plate,
‘ you’re not leaving this table until all those vegetables are eaten’

And we wonder why there is so much resistance to wanting to eat healthily? Inside you is that stubborn little girl who doesn’t want to give into mum and dads nagging!

You see how so many of our beliefs, systems, values and habits are formed around food and our bodies at a young age and this is really important to acknowledge and know where they have come from.

So spend some time thinking back to where these have come from.
Who do you remember saying something like the above?
What was your parents relationship with their body and food like?
What was your first memory of becoming aware of your body image, what happened?
Did you read magazines? Did you see models on tv?
What were the triggers that prompted you to question your body?

Now when you start getting clear wth these things, old patterns are going to start unravelling and you will start to piece together and realise that actually the worries and stress you have surrounding your body image and food, were not even your own. It was influenced by other people or by certain situations and it’s a really powerful position to be in. Awareness is always the key!

These past things are the real issues that need addressing and resolving so you can move forward freely.

As always guys if you would like some help breaking through these issues jump on a free Break – Through Call with me and we will start getting you some results straight away!


To Your Permanent Weight Loss Success