EFT (Tapping) For Emotional Eating $125 AUD  

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EFT (Tapping) For Emotional Eating

$125 AUD

Here's what you will get:

Detailed workbook to help you uncover the real cause of your emotional eating so you can break through this habit using the process. This will ensure you know exactly what you will be working on when you follow the training.
Easy to follow video tutorial of how to use EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping to stop the desire to emotionally eat.
Simple step by step written guide to help you follow the process too.
Overview of the process and how and why it works so you can understand what's happening in your mind and body.
*PLUS* this BONUS. My inner child healing process that I have integrated with EFT to help the results go EVEN deeper and overcome emotional eating even more easily.

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Emotional Eating Meditation Series


Emotional Eating Meditation Series Offer



10 of my best and most powerful meditations to help with cravings, natural weight loss, boosting your metabolism, stress release, self love, body confidence and mindful eating.

Order Summary

"It was mind blowing to discover the reasons why I had been using food in this way. Now I do yoga everyday, I make better food choices and I don’t feel guilty when I do eat. I’m the happy, healthy, outgoing mum I wanted to be for myself, my husband and kids!"


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