How To Avoid A Holiday Binge!

Hi Lovely

This week I wanted to share a few of my tips for avoiding the holiday binge!

The last few weeks have been full on, in a good way! I’m back in Perth now and have family here visiting from England and just before that me and my partner had been in Thailand for 2 weeks.

We had a week’s holiday plus a 2nd week of business training which was amazing.

The first week was a much needed and well deserved break, I actually managed to switch off and get creative which was wonderful. I have plenty of amazing things in store for next year for you, including my new group program which is in the early bird launch (be sure to check your inbox for an email that was sent a few days ago so you don’t miss out).

So it came to my attention in the build up to going on holiday that so many women think when they go away, it’s time to ‘let go’ and ‘switch off’ and throw all their eating habits and exercise out the window. ( A very similar thing happens with Christmas too)

Sound familiar?

I also had a woman say to me in the past ‘well I’m going to an all inclusive so I want to get my money’s worth of food, so I won’t be eating well’.

This seemed ludicrous to me, she was choosing the value of money over the value of her health, her body and her ultimate happiness.

Maybe you’re here right now? Maybe you’re not valuing you as much as you would like?

Maybe you go on holiday and ‘let go’, you forget about exercise and eating well because you ‘deserve it, you’ve earned it.’

Well I can speak from my experience of going on holiday this time that actually you can still be active and eat well and it’s super easy, and I’ve been documenting it for you too, so keep an eye out on Facebook for the video I’m putting together.

Imagine how good it would feel to go on holiday and come back feeling even more amazing than when you went. This is possible for you too.



Here are some important and easy tips you can implement when on holiday.

1. Know that even at buffets and restaurants you can make the choice to eat well. It all comes down to a choice, you have a choice at every second of every day. You can choose to think long term and focus on what will get you to your goal. Or you can choose the ‘short term gain’, the option that may give you a short term feeling but ultimately keep you stuck and stop you moving.

2. Ensure you acknowledge all the activity you do. You don’t have to be up at 5am in the gym every morning whilst on holiday, but if there is a gym why not utilise it whilst you have the opportunity. Be sure you give yourself credit for the fact that you’re walking around, exploring and keeping active that way too.

So many women discount the fact that they spend hours walking around each day exploring markets, the town, shops etc, this counts as exercise too. When you connect with this and realise that actually ‘I am being active’ this helps you feel healthier, fitter and more positive.

3. Still spend time working on you. When you’re laying on the sun bed, do some visualisation or if you’re having a lazy morning, take some inner time for you, I use visualisation and meditation every day and my life has transformed because of it. Utilise the time of being quiet, working on your mindset is vital and will enable you to stay more positive and feel awesome on your holiday. Maybe you’ll even find some yoga at your hotel or somewhere locally.

Start implementing these now and take the approach of ‘I’m going to come back from holiday feeling more amazing than when I went’. (And this goes for the Christmas holiday too!)

Remember weight loss is a mindset game, your mindset is the most powerful tool you have in your possession so start using it to your advantage.

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It’s time you start living the life you truly deserve!

I’d love to support you on this journey.

Lots of Love