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  • Make Peace With Food So It’s No Longer Something You Stress And Worry About
  • Stop Emotional Eating And Bingeing
  • Get Out Of The Fad Diet Mentality Once And For All
  • Lose Weight Permanently Without Having To Deprive Yourself Of Everything You Love
  • Take More Care Of Your Mindset And Emotions Which Will In Turn Give You More Control Around Food And More Love For Your Body
  • Stop That Negative Self Talk That Sabotages Your Success
  • How To Be More Mindful Around Food So You Can Make Better Choices, Eat Less And Be More Satisfied By Food

At Mind Over Muffin we do it differently! We're not interested in restriction, deprivation or 'quick fix' fad diets, no, we're all about getting to the root of the problem. Working on WHY you eat instead of WHAT you eat.

Hey Lovely...

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to this page…these things never happen by accident, you’re right where you're meant to be, and I'm super grateful to connect with you!

So why did we decide to run this challenge?...Firstly we know emotional eating and binge eating are a huge problem today, as our lives get busier and more stressful it's easy to turn to food to give you a moment of comfort, relief or distraction. But this is having a big impact on your health, your weight loss success, your mindset and your overall happiness!

We also wanted a way for more women to get the help and support they need even if they can't join our signature 12 week program right now. So we created the 4 week challenge so it's accessible to everyone.

At Mind Over Muffin we know there are 3 key elements to weight loss and healing your relationship with food, The Physical (which everyone knows about - nourish your body with food and move it with exercise) but the other two in my opinion are just as, if not more important because without them you can’t stick to the physical element.

The others… The Emotional and The Spiritual Elements. We know that in order to achieve total freedom around food, long term weight loss success and true self love, all of these elements have to be addressed. Without one of them, something will always be missing and that long term success you want just doesn’t happen.

I spent many years trying to address only The Physical Element with diets and exercise (because that's what we're told right?) and so I went round and round in circles, losing a little bit of weight only to go and put it all back on again because I didn’t have what I needed in my mindset or my emotional and spiritual awareness to totally heal the issue. Make sense?

Without the awareness of WHY you eat when you're not physically hungry or WHY your body is holding on to weight, or WHY you feel the way you do about yourself the weight and food journey can be hard! 

BUT...when you get to the root of the problem and resolve it from there, you will heal your relationship with food long term!

And we're here to help make it easy...and enjoyable!


(For Lifetime Access)

(USE CODE: MUFFIN50 at Checkout for 50% off)


Theresa. Australia

After 20 years of struggling with my weight I’ve lost 14cms off my waist alone, I'm back in a pair of jeans that haven’t fitted me for 18 months, my portion sizes have naturally decreased and I’m no longer constantly (emotionally) hungry, it’s a great feeling. I've never managed to lose so much weight without a diet before and I am truly happy that I no longer feel the need to step on the scales every morning to measure my success.

  • 1 x 20 minute 1:1 Session With One Of Our Amazing Mind Over Muffin Coaches To Help You Get A Personalised Plan In Place For Moving Forwards (Crazy good value I know right?!)
  • 4 x Video Trainings Recorded By Me (Leanne) On A Range Of Hot Topics Around Overcoming Emotional And Binge Eating
  • 4 x Actionable Emotional Eating Tools And Processes The Same Tools I Used To Heal My Relationship With Food And Lose Weight (Diet Free)
  • 4 x Recordings Of Live Q&A Sessions So You Can Learn From Past Challengers
  • 2 x Emotional Eating Meditations To Help Reprogram Your Mind Around Food, Be More Mindful And Love Your Body
  • Lifetime Access To The Content So You Can Revisit As Often As You Like
  • Inspirational Mind Over Muffin Screensavers To Keep You On Track And Motivated
  • Exclusive Access To A Private Support Group For The Members Only
  • 2 Guest Expert Interviews, One With A Self Love And Confidence Expert And One With A Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist


(USE CODE: MUFFIN50 at Checkout for 50% off)


Kristie. USA

Before working with Leanne I had struggled with my weight my whole life. I tried every diet imaginable but nothing worked long term. Leanne has essentially transformed my life, in just 3 months I have lost 15lbs (nearly 7kgs) and still going strong. Im working out 5 plus times per week whereas before I had to drag myself onto the treadmill. I’m loving my body, feeling good about myself and am no longer determined by my weight. This has given me key to being comfortable in my own skin!

I want this challenge to be affordable for everyone. When I was really struggling with my relationship with food and my body I would have given anything to learn a new approach that would actually work for me so we want as many women to have access as possible.

And also I'm very into numbers and their meanings. $44 means $11 per week. (That's around $1.40 per day to start healing your relationship with food - that's crazy!)


44 = The double vibration of the number 4. It's all about your intuition and inner wisdom. It's about staying on your path to achieving your goals. (Very fitting). It also says you have nothing to fear in regards to your life, work and Divine purpose.

11 = Is a reminder to connect to your higher self and symbolises spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

1.40 = 1 and 4 - A combination of the above numbers! Meant to be!

Why is there a charge? I've invested a lot of time, energy and money into my years and years of training.  I've also learned the power of investing in myself and my personal development and it has changed my life and is something I will always continue to do. So I encourage you to do the same!

It's a powerful sign to The Universe when a woman takes the step to invest in herself and says yes to her goals and dreams, so you will always be rewarded!


If you've been looking for a sign to work on yourself... this is it!


Emotional Eating Expert for Women Ready To Make Peace With Food And Love What They See In The Mirror.

I used to be an emotional eater! I spent many years struggling to crush that habit and to lose weight and actually keep it off. I did the whole diet thing for years but went round and round in circles never getting a long term result. learning to master my mindset, my emotions and to look at the root of my habits and behaviours around food and my body, things started to really change for me.

Now I'm on a mission to share this new approach with as many women as I can!

Finding a wonderful balance where food is just food, you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes and you are grateful and loving towards your body is possible and I want to help you get there!

Here's one of my before and after photos just so you can see. However I want to point out yes the physical shifts were amazing but the changes I'm most proud of and happy about are the ones that happened inside. By doing the deeper inner work I've been able to naturally maintain my size but also remain healthily balanced around food.


(USE CODE: MUFFIN50 at Checkout for 50% off)



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