Fill yourself up with life and you'll no longer need food for fulfilment.

Daily Steps And Actions To Take...

Use the checklist below to make sure you complete all the actions for today. You've got this!


  • Watch Today's Video
  • Download And Use The Meditation
  • Use Your Journalling Prompts
  • Head To The Facebook Group And Share Your Biggest Takeaway From Today's Content


Download Your Meditation And Use It Today. I'd recommend listening through headphones. Click the image to access the download.

Journalling Prompts

Use the following journaling prompts to guide you through some journaling time. Let the words flow from you, avoid over thinking it. If you want, put on some nice music, get comfy and settle into the practice.

I eat out of boredom when…

In what areas of life am I not 100% fulfilled in?

What excites me?

How much am I doing of this?

What’s missing from life?

What do I need more of?

If life was filled up with the things I loved it would be…

I will take inspired action to fill myself up with the things I love by…


See you tomorrow lovely!