Fill yourself up with life and love.

Daily Steps And Actions To Take...

Use the checklist below to make sure you complete all the actions for today. You've got this!


  • Watch Today's Video
  • Do the candle meditation
  • Use Your Journalling Prompts
  • Head To The Facebook Group And Share Your Biggest Takeaway From Today's Content


Today for your meditation practice, put on some nice music, get comfy, set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes, light a candle and watch the flame glow. Imagine the flame was love within you burning bright. I've put some music suggestions below but feel free to find your own.

Music Suggestion

Use this music for when you do your candle meditation. Or simply find something you love.

Bonus Self Love Audio

Here's a bonus self love audio for you too that you can use whenever you like.

Journalling Prompts

Use the following journaling prompts to guide you through some journaling time. Let the words flow from you, avoid over thinking it. If you want, put on some nice music, get comfy and settle into the practice.

What am I really craving?

What am I really missing?

When I’m on my own I…

Is there something stopping me just 'being' when I'm by myself?

What truly nourishes my soul?

What does self love mean to me?

What can I do regularly that's loving to me?


See you tomorrow lovely!