Connection is the key.

Daily Steps And Actions To Take...

Use the checklist below to make sure you complete all the actions for today. You've got this!


  • Watch Today's Video
  • Take some time to get on the earth and connect
  • Use Your Journalling Prompts
  • Head To The Facebook Group And Share Your Biggest Takeaway From Today's Content


Here's a guided meditation that you can use when you're outside in nature on the earth or to help you feel like you're outside in nature.

Journalling Prompts

Use the following journaling prompts to guide you through some journaling time. Let the words flow from you, avoid over thinking it. If you want, put on some nice music, get comfy and settle into the practice.

In what ways have I been feeling disconnected?

From who have I been feeling disconnected?

How does this show up around food?

Being in nature helped me feel ...

I promise that I will ...



See you tomorrow lovely!