Hey I’m Leanne Lisbon,

An Emotional Eating Expert for you, the woman who’s had enough of the constant battle with food, calorie counting and wearing herself to the ground. And who's ready to finally get a handle on those eating habits, make peace with her body and love what she see's in the mirror!

I’ve been right where you are now, I spent many years struggling to get results, but I want you to know there is a solution, I found it. Now it's my passion to share this with women just like you, so you too can break free and get the weight loss results you truly deserve.

I went from battling with my weight and emotional eating to getting back in a bikini and eating whatever I want, and I've stayed the same ever since.

I never thought this would be possible for me, but I had a breakthrough that changed my life and haven’t looked back since.

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How I Got To This Point?

...Something I learned the hard way; you use food to fill a void, whether it be loneliness, boredom, comfort or happiness. You eat because you feel overweight, stressed, sad and to cheer yourself up. But actually, you keep yourself trapped because you feel even more terrible after over indulging, the guilt weighs you down emotionally, mentally and you end up gaining even more weight physically. It's a vicious cycle.

How do I know all of this? I've been there!

I gained 17kgs (2 stone/37lbs) from emotional eating. Turns out I was drowning my sorrows in food. The emotional roller coaster of a bad break up that I never truly dealt with, meant there was a lot of emotion left unresolved and those urges had to be directed somewhere, for me it was food.

I tried for years to lose weight using diets, counting calories and excessive exercise but I soon realised that I was going round in circles, I’d lose a bit of weight and then put it all back on, plus some. I felt restricted, deprived and carried with me an overwhelming sense of failure, as well as becoming a pro at beating myself up and being obsessed with food. If I wasn’t eating, I was thinking about what I should and shouldn’t eat, it was crazy.

I'd eat to make myself feel better, but then feel terrible for eating so then I'd eat again, it was a crazy vicious cycle that I couldn't get out of on my own.

My emotional eating seemed to get worse and worse, food was my only moment of happiness and was a great distraction from thinking about the break up! I would sneak certain foods; big bars of chocolate, packs of cakes and eat them all, I wouldn't be able to stop, then the guilt would kick in big time. I would do all of this in secret - as though I was hiding it from someone - but the person I really didn’t want to see it was me! I was lying to myself. But I felt stuck - like there was no way out of my terrible mess and food made it momentarily better.

The thing was, the happiness from the food only lasted temporarily and when this passed the 'real problem' was still there, add to this a ton of guilt for eating the chocolate, cake, crisps or whatever it was that day I’d over indulged in, and you had the recipe for what felt like an inescapable mess!

Weight loss can infact be easy. When you have the right tools and you address all aspects, the emotional, mental and physical then your body naturally returns to balance.

After years of going round in circles and 'failing' at diets, I had my light bulb moment. I realised that diets were not the answer because no matter how many calories I counted, it was not addressing the real problem (the emotion from the break up causing the emotional eating)

Good news for you lovely, I can tell you first hand the permanent solution to this problem.

I began working on myself and the unresolved emotion instead of governing calories and focusing on my food and the results were life changing.

The weight dropped off, my confidence came back and I felt comfortable to wear a bikini for the first time in years!

I discovered NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching and this gave me the tools to make permanent change on a deep, unconscious level. The results were so incredible that I went on to get qualified so I could share this with other women too. I'm a qualified Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, something I'm extremely proud of.

I'd been at the point of giving up, thinking I was doomed to be overweight and have wobbly bits for the rest of my life, little did I know there was a breakthrough just around the corner for me which has enabled me to lose the weight permanently and all diet free. Not to mention skyrocketed my confidence and led me to be in the most incredible relationship too - oh how things have changed. And this is what I want to help you achieve too.

- Marie Bonne, Perth

Working with Leanne was so much more than I expected. Getting to the root of the problem behind my struggles and battles with weight was a highlight for me. I learned to be more positive and to put myself first I would definitely recommend it!

- Marie Bonne, Perth

There is more to weight loss than the physical aspect, there are the emotional, mental and spiritual elements that need addressing too.

Maybe you're here right now? Maybe you hate what you see in the mirror?

Maybe you beat yourself up because of your untoned tummy, your wobbly bits or just the fact that you can’t lose the weight?  

Maybe the thought of wearing a bikini fills you with dread and being seen naked makes you want to run for the hills?

Well I'm here to help you change all that lovely lady.

Are you ready to get back in that dress you’ve kept at the back of your wardrobe in the hope you'd be able to wear again?

Ready to catch sight of yourself if the mirror and LOVE what you see?

Ready to show food who’s boss once and for all?...Hell yes I hear you say! Then you're ready for my signature program.

Lets work together

I know now that it's possible to live a life where you feel comfortable in your clothes and body, to eat whatever you want with no thought to calories and to feel attractive, sexy and free. And this is exactly what I will help you achieve.

Imagine A Life Where...

You never have to diet again

Calorie counting is a thing of the past

You can eat whatever you want and remain naturally slim

You love wearing a bikini

You flaunt being naked

You fit back into those skinny jeans you've kept for years

You lose weight and keep it off permanently

You LOVE what you see in the mirror

You feel confident, sexy and free

This is possible for you too!

I will show you exactly how.

Lets work together



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