One Secret Step To Maintain Motivation

Ladies I know how hard it feels to motivate yourself, to get up, get outside, eat healthily, to take all the steps you know you should take, I get it, I’ve been there.

I know how sometimes it feels like there is an internal battle going on and it’s really really frustrating. Maybe you even have bursts of motivation but it only lasts a week or two?

It’s time to change this and be consistent! I’m going to show you how one secret step can make all the difference.

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There are 2 types of motivation.
1 = positively driven
2 = negatively driven

When motivation is negatively driven, it is really hard to be continuous and keep moving towards your goal

So what does this mean? Negative motivation is when you are moving AWAY from DISCOMFORT. For example, consider your reasons for wanting to change, is it because you feel uncomfortable, because you hate the way you look in the mirror, because you hate your tummy in a bikini, you think your legs are fat, you feel horrible inside from all the bad food? These things are all negative, make sense? You are moving away from the things that create discomfort.

So what happens in the mind unconsciously is it becomes a struggle, it takes a lot of energy to move away from these negatives. There is no positive end goal, it’s all negative.

It is really hard for you to maintain motivation when there is no positive in sight. This is why it feels like so much effort.

So they key is to make sure what you are aiming towards is positive. This sounds so simple doesn’t it but the majority of people focus on the negative. So ask yourself this question;

What is it I really want?

So if you have been saying or thinking ‘I don’t want to be fat’ then switch this to “I want to be slim, toned, energised, fulfilled, healthy, eat good nutritious food and feel confident in my body.”

Notice the difference when you focus on the positives – instantly you and your mind know where you are heading, you can build an image of this and start to move towards it. Naturally it creates a clear image of where you are heading, your mind can see it, imagine it, experience it and so the motivation that is linked to this is positive.

When your motivation is positively driven you will continuously move towards your goals naturally and easily, you are moving towards comfort.

You have to switch the way you are thinking in order to create change externally. So change your thoughts on the inside and it will start to translate into your habits and behaviours and soon enough you will start to see massive shifts in your ability to remain consistently motivated.

This week pay attention to what you are running internally, is your motivation negatively or positively driven? Write your answers down and check it out. The next step is to make the switch, ensure the thoughts are positively driven and you will experience changes – fast ones as well!

Thanks for watching guys.

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