Hey lovely!

I’m so happy you've found your way to this page. Nothing lights me up more than seeing the women I work with get their breakthroughs. Empowering them to overcome those old food habits, lose weight permanently and get their confidence back is incredible.

In just 12 weeks you'll have transformed your mindset, life and weight loss story beyond what you ever imagined. And the best bit is, you only have to do it once.

I would love to walk you through this journey with me and for you to be the next woman who’s life changes permanently.

I've designed my One to One Signature Program so I can work with you personally over 12 weeks to ensure you achieve above and beyond what you ever imagined.

I want you to wave goodbye to diets for good, take back control of those eating habits and feel confident in your body so you love what you see in the mirror every day!

I know what you’re thinking, how can we achieve all of that in just 12 weeks?

Well my lovely, I’m going to take you through the most life changing processes that have enabled me to clear deep emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and unconscious habits that were stopping me losing weight and loving my body.

Ever since doing this, the weight dropped off, my confidence came back and I feel amazing, and the best bit is, I’ve stayed the same ever since.

Going through this process changed my life so much that I changed career course instantly. I decided to no longer pursue the degree I'd spent 3 years studying to achieve but changed course to qualify in NLP and Life Coaching instead.  I knew that every woman struggling with her weight deserved to know this information because it would forever end the battle.


So how does it work?

My signature program is designed for total transformational success, for your mind, body and soul. I will help you finally shift that stubborn weight, feel sexy in your clothes and be fully energised and fulfilled, in a way you never thought possible!

In just 12 weeks you’ll have all of the elements and tools you need to never ever have to diet again, to take back complete control around food and free yourself from those emotional traps that have been keeping you stuck. And be prepared for a serious confidence boost!

- Rosana Amo Garcia, Perth

Before working with Leanne I had a lot of anxiety and felt like food had a power over me. ‘I cant do this’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m always going to be like this’ were my most popular phrases. But now everything has changed, I’m kind to myself, love my body and feel empowered to create the life I want. I’m also free from food and am strong enough to say no. It’s an amazing feeling.

- Rosana Amo Garcia, Perth

This is the last approach to weight loss you'll ever need.

This is for you if you’re ready for a life where…

You never have to diet again

Calorie counting is a thing of the past

You lose weight and keep it off permanently

You eat whatever you want and remain naturally slim

You love what you see in the mirror

You feel confident, sexy and fulfilled

You have no urges or cravings for ‘naughty’ foods

You love wearing a bikini

You eat dessert without feeling guilty

You fit back into those skinny jeans you've kept for years

You're emotionally, mentally, physically free

- Gudi Grange, UK

Using the tools Leanne gave me I was able to discover when, where and why my weight gain started. With this realisation I’ve been able to shift the excess weight I’ve been carrying for so many years. I have a new found confidence, I am happy and I believe in myself again. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone.

- Gudi Grange, UK

This could be your life in a matter of weeks lovely!

So how will it work?

  1. First we must make sure we’re the perfect fit, so you'll schedule a complimentary discovery call, a bit like a virtual coffee date, which you can book on this page or reach out to me using the contact tab.
  2. Together we will get clear on where you are now, where you’re heading, what your goals are and the best approach to getting you there quickly.
  3. Then when we're both happy, all that’s left is the investment before we can move forward and get started straight away.
  4. You'll be sent a welcome and orientation pack to complete before our first session and you'll be sent login details to the online portal that contains all your worksheets, audio recordings and amazing content.
  5. Our sessions will be tailored specifically to you and your personal requirements and we'll work through the processes that have changed my life completely.
  6. Over the 12 weeks we will more than likely become great friends! (one of my favourite parts)

What’s Included?

  • 12 x weekly one to one session with me to ensure your inevitable success
  • Personal sessions tailored specifically to your own individual requirements
  • The Emotional Release Process that I will guide you through personally (this changed my life completely)
  • Unlimited email access to me for any questions or support
  • Access to a Private VIP Facebook Group to connect with other women in the program
  • A welcome & orientation pack to complete before our sessions even begin

Plus these amazing bonuses

  • Lifetime access to my online membership site containing weeks worth of content including workbooks, video & audio trainings and meditations.
  • Audio recordings of NLP based processes that have enabled me to achieve the success I have today. Including fat burning visualisations that really work!
- Ashleigh, Perth

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I worked with Leanne and would highly recommend it to anyone. The whole experience was great from the sessions together, to the activities I completed in my own time. The results have definitely lasted and have made a big impact in my life. Thank you!

- Ashleigh, Perth

I absolutely love helping other women to achieve the same results I did and I know it’s possible for you too!

What will I learn?

Before we even begin your sessions you will receive a welcome and orientation pack for completion, these are designed to really break down what’s keeping you stuck so we can get you moving straight away. This is where the first learnings begin.

Throughout our sessions together we'll cover a range of different topics and will use NLP based process to clear old emotion, beliefs, habits and patterns and build new positive ones. These sessions are tailored to your specific requirements.

As a bonus you get access to the online membership portal which contains worksheets, audio recordings, meditations, visualisations, video trainings and all the tools you'll need to achieve permanent weight loss success.

Your personal coaching sessions will be tailored specifically to you but the online membership portal content is structured in the following 5 modules.

MODULE #1 - The Diet Industry Has Kept You Trapped In An Ongoing Cycle, It’s Time To Unlock That One Solution You’ve Been Missing That Will Get You Permanent Weight Loss Results...And It’s NOT What You Think It Is! ACCELERATOR

MODULE #2 - How You’ve Been Lied To About Weight Loss, Diets and Calorie Counting and How We Are Going To Fix It! TRUTH

MODULE #3 - It’s Time To Finally Get To The Bottom Of What’s Preventing Your Weight Loss Success And What’s Driving The Need For The Excess Food. This Is The Start Of Your New Life! UNDERSTAND

MODULE #4 - Your Freedom Plan - How To Break Free From The Emotional Traps That Are Causing You To Keep The Unwanted Weight And To Conquer Those Cravings Permanently. Not To Mention A Massive Confidence Boost OVERCOME

MODULE #5 - Finally My Sustainability Method to lose weight and KEEP it off! Forever! TRANSFORM

This really is the life changing step you’ve been waiting for lovely!

Dream with all your mind, believe with all your heart, achieve with all your might.


What price would you put on living a life of your dreams, where you're happy, healthy, full of confidence and unbelievably fulfilled.

Let today be the day that you take a stand for you and your future success. Your health, happiness and weight loss goals matter lovely and you totally deserve this time and space to achieve your dreams.

If you're here reading this I know that what I've said has resonated with you and I know with my whole heart that I can support you on this journey and would be truly grateful to help you achieve above and beyond what you think is possible.

Two of the most common excuses in life are ‘I don’t have the time’, and ‘I don’t have the money’, and I can almost guarantee this will be a consideration for you too. Maybe you use these often?

However I want you to think about it this way. Time is just a conscious construct, we all have the same amount of time in our days, you, me and Richard Branson, we all have 24hrs, it’s not the amount of time you have, but the way you choose to organise and prioritise, so this excuse won’t work with me, and you shouldn’t let it beat you either. You create your time, you can make it work for you, you just have to shift a few things around in your schedule, this is easily fixed, we can do this together.

The second, money. Well, money is just an exchange of energy, you trade your skills (and most people their time) to receive money and you pass it on for other things you want to have. There will always be more money, money is a flow of energy, a current, or should we say currency, funny that isn’t it? Money continuously flows so know that when you spend money and are grateful to do so, it'll always come back.

I’ve had times in my life where I could've backed out of something that was going to propel me forwards and change my life because I didn’t have the money or I didn’t have the time, but I pushed through and my goodness it was the best decision I ever made.

You see lovely, something ground shaking happens when you step up and say yes to your dreams and your desires, you no longer put everything off due to excuses and what you think you should do, but instead you take a stand for what you want, and the universe recognises this. It’s so powerful.

I know you have everything it takes to do this, and if you’re still reading I know you want this, so I empower you to know that you deserve this because this is what it really comes down to. The reason people back out and use time or money as an excuse, really comes down to whether they think they're worth it or deserve it, I know this because I’ve been there. But you truly deserve to be happy, to love your body, to feel amazing in your clothes and to live a life free of the battle with food, you deserve that so much.

I never thought I'd lose weight permanently, be able to eat what I want and remain slim and have the confidence to wear a bikini again, but I did, it’s incredible. Now it’s your turn!

Here's a limited space, limited time offer just for you.

The average investment for the full 12 week program is $4995 AUD

(Approx $3700 USD | £2850 GBP)

*with instalment options available

There are a limited number of places currently available for this coaching program at this price.

If this is the answer you've been waiting for be sure to connect with me right away.

Investing in my wellbeing, my happiness and my life is the best decision I’ve ever made and I’ve never looked back.

This will be the last weight loss program you'll ever need.

To apply for the program or to check if it's right for you,  book a complimentary call using the button below.


- Anne Enright, Perth

Working with Leanne was so much more than I expected. If I was to recommend it to someone else I would use the words, life changing, motivational and achievable. I know that my way of thinking has changed for the positive! Thank You.

- Anne Enright, Perth

Is this program really for me?

I know if you're still reading this page then this program is for you. Yes you might have those small doubts creeping in, that little voice that says ‘Oh I’m just not sure’ ‘Do I really deserve this?’ ‘ What if I can’t do it?’ but this to me is a sign that you're on track and are in exactly the right place lovely lady!

When you're faced with something new and the possibility of change your mind does everything it can to keep you in your ‘safe space’ to keep you right where you are because that’s what has become comfortable and that's what it knows. But the fear is good, the fear is great actually, without the fear you'd never move. So I encourage you today to embrace the fear, to thank it, to let it know that you're grateful but it’s not enough to stop you living the life you deserve and achieving your dreams!

This program is for you if:

You’re ready for a postive change in your life

You're ready for permanent weight loss

You want to get back in your skinny jeans

You've tried diets and weight loss products but they're not working

You're ready to get your confidence back and love what you see in the mirror

You're passionate, driven and fun

This program is NOT for you if:

You’re not really committed to change

You don’t really want to put the work in

You have no intention of giving it your all

You want someone else to do it for you

You truly love diets and calorie counting

If you’re completely in control of your relationship with food.

I know you have everything it takes to achieve above and beyond your goals, dreams and desires. I’m living proof that this system works and I know once you have access to the processes we can make it work easily for you too.

I know it can feel scary to invest in yourself and to take that leap of faith but I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that in just 12 weeks from now you'll look back at this moment and think this is the best decision you’ve ever made!

If you know that this program is right for you and is exactly what you need you can apply for a discovery call using the button below.

Let’s make sure we're the right fit before moving forward.

Book A COmplimentary call
- Jade Vermaak. Perth

I was using food as a coping mechanism; I was eating to distract myself from the real emotions I was feeling. Leanne gave me a new insight into ways I could overcome the emotion permanently, and develop a better relationship with food. Leanne is a true inspiration, I’ll leave you with a quote she shared with me a few weeks ago, and one I will never forget “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better".

- Jade Vermaak. Perth

I'm so excited to support you on this journey!

Speak to you soon lovely.

Lots of Love

Leanne xx