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How To Crush Emotional Eating Without Counting Calories!

Friday 15th June 4:30pm AWST


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In This Free Masterclass You Will Learn...

  • The Secret Steps I Used To Crush Emotional Eating For Good Without Counting A Single Calorie
  • How To Let Go Of The Diet Mindset So You Can Be Free From The Trap Of Food
  • How To Take Back Control Around Food So You Can Have 1 Biscuit And That's Enough
  • How To Stop Obsessing Over What You Should And Shouldn't Eat
  • The Hidden Drivers That Make You Crave Sweet And Sugary Foods Even When You're Not Really Hungry
  • A Whole New Perspective On Weight Loss And Emotional Eating That Makes It Easy And Fun
  • How To Be More Relaxed, Calm And Present On A Day To Day Basis (and around food)
  • AND...Simple Tools And Techniques To Get You Results FAST!

Come and join me for The Free Online Mind Over Muffin Masterclass; How To Crush Emotional Eating Without Having To Count Calories. I'll be sharing all my insider tips on how to crush emotional eating once and for all and how to ensure you get out of the restrictive, fad diet mindset! I spent many years using food to make me happy, give me comfort, provide stress relief and as a result gained a lot of weight and struggled to lose it and keep it off.

I've learned a lot along my journey, one of the biggest being that emotional eating and weight loss is not about the food, it's all about YOU, your relationship with yourself and your state of being. When you can learn to manage this, your eating habits will change forever!


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Real Women Real Results...

Vikki. Australia.

I finally feel free from the trap of dieting and at peace with my weight. My attitude to food has completely changed. I have a brighter more happy outlook on life.

Michelle. New Zealand

I’d tried all the weight loss systems and never stuck to anything. Learning these new tools has enabled me to be calmer, more present and to believe in myself. My portion size has dramatically decreased and the way I think about food has changed. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat and when I’m full I’ll stop.

Helen. Australia

I no longer drag myself out of bed anymore, my energy is high, I now go into the kitchen looking for what’s fresh instead of what’s quick and easy and I now have such a great sense of self belief and think positively. And my jeans fit so much better, yay!

Get My Insider Tips On Waving Goodbye To Emotional Eating!


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Who's Your Host?

I'm Leanne...

The founder of Mind Over Muffin and an Emotional Eating Coach for you, the woman who’s had enough of the constant battle with food, calorie counting and wearing herself to the ground, who’s ready to shift the stubborn weight permanently and start loving what she see’s in the mirror!

I’ve been right where you are now, I spent many years struggling to get results, but I want you to know there is a solution, I found it. Now it's my passion to share this with women just like you, so you too can break free and get the results you truly deserve.

I went from battling to lose weight (17kgs of it) and emotional eating to getting back in a bikini and eating whatever I want, and I've stayed the same ever since.  And guess what...I didn't count one calorie or have to face the treadmill! (I tried that approach for years and went round in circles)

Now I'm on a mission to share this new approach to healing your relationship with food and your body with as many women as I can!

Learning to master my mind has been the game changer in my weight loss and emotional eating journey.

I’m finally free of the battle with food, diets, calories and having to worry about what I can and can’t eat. It’s amazing.

When you can learn to be the master of your mind and therefore your habits and behaviours you can change anything in your life.

Now it's your turn!


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Life Is For Living And You Deserve To Be Free!



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