Hey I’m Tash...

I’m an Emotional Eating Expert at Mind Over Muffin. I specialise in helping women overcome emotional eating, break free from the trap of food and learn to love themselves and their bodies again. (All diet free) Just like I did.

For so many years, I would look in the mirror judging what I saw. I had done every diet out there, constantly battling with food and my weight. I had gone to weight loss classes, felt guilty for ordering a take away and every so often would force myself to use a treadmill, all the while being totally miserable.

I had hoped for a solution and lucky for me, Leanne Lisbon and Mind Over Muffin came to my rescue.

After my own success I joined the team in 2018 and have been helping women like yourself overcome the emotional ties to food and get the weight loss results they truly deserve.

I've been right where you are now! But I promise you, there is a way out!

How I Got To This Point?

After being in a terrible relationship, I had gone through my final diet. This ladies, is what I like to call the heart break diet. Now, there is no diet quite like the heart break diet and I lost a considerable amount of weight very quickly. Once I managed to get myself out of bed and feed myself I slowly started to gain weight. Before I knew it I had gained 2.5 Stone (15kgs) and lost all ability to fit into anything I owned.

I turned to food and the emotional roller-coaster. Well, I was sitting front row of the ride and I knew there was more to this than I thought. I would eat without even thinking, I would binge on crisps, chocolate and take away meals and then feel so guilty and annoyed, determined that Monday I would start my diet. Monday came, Monday went and this cycle continued!

Thankfully for me in 2015 I saw the Mind Over Muffin Summer body challenge.

This Was The Day My Life Would Change Forever

I joined the challenge and invested in me so I could be the best version of myself. I worked with Leanne for 3 years and then in the summer of 2018 I joined the Mind Over Muffin- UK team, helping women who like me, who want to finally get the weight loss they deserve and crush those emotional eating habits once and for all.

This is all thanks to working on myself and resolving emotions. Let me tell you… the results have been life changing.


Now it's your turn to do the same, lovely!

Imagine A Life Where. . .

You never have to diet again

Calorie counting is a thing of the past

You can eat whatever you want and remain naturally slim

You love wearing a bikini

You flaunt being naked

You fit back into those skinny jeans you've kept for years

You lose weight and keep it off permanently

You LOVE what you see in the mirror

You feel confident, sexy and free

This Is Possible For You Too!

If you're ready to break free of emotional eating, feel confident and comfortable in your body and LOVE what you see in the mirror then let's get you an plan in place. Understanding what's really causing the eating habits or weight gain is the key to solving the problem for good. In this session we will get to the root of the problem and ensure you know the steps you need to move forwards and break free!



Excited to speak to you

Tash x x

- Marie Bonne, Perth

Working with Mind Over Muffin was so much more than I expected. Getting to the root of the problem behind my struggles and battles with weight was a highlight for me. I learned to be more positive and to put myself first I would definitely recommend it!

- Marie Bonne, Perth

I know now that it's possible to live a life where you feel comfortable in your clothes and body, to eat whatever you want with no thought to calories and to feel attractive, sexy and free. And this is exactly what I will help you achieve.



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