Why Diets Just Don’t Work!

I know we are told that if we want to lose weight then we have to diet. And this concept and idea is drummed into us everywhere we look, adverts on tv, the radio, diet books, dvd’s and new craze celebrity diets in magazines. And it seems that there are more and more new big craze companies advertising that they can help you reach your weight goals by constructing you strict diet plans, and even providing you with the food that you can reheat in the microwave at home and just add some veg yourself! A concept I find very very strange and to be honest completely ludicrous!

But with all this out there, all of these endless options that are available to us, we are still in a time where obesity continues to rise. Very few people are managing to maintain their weight loss and make diets work for them. Something is not right!

How many times have you tried a diet and failed? Whether it be one of the big mainstream companies or just an online diet or diet book?

How many times have you repeated the same diet or even moved from diet to diet and frustratingly realizing that just none of them are working for you?

How many times have you lost some weight on a diet only to put more back on again?

And the truth is this happens because diets are not a long term solution. They are not teaching us anything or giving us a successful long term outcome. All they do is restrict us, starve us and focus us more on food which is the one thing we want to forget about.

Diets do nothing but create a sense of failure and turn us into moody, male nourished monsters!

They make food the centre focus of your life. You think about food all day long, what can I eat? What can’t I eat? How many calories in that? It is crazy! Before you know it you are going out of your mind and no wonder you get fed up and look for a moment of happiness elsewhere, which usually resides in something chocolatey! And then the guilt kicks in for eating that chocolatey something that the stress of the diet drove you to in the first place! What a mess!

Diet books, plans and membership programs are constructed for a main stream audience. There is no way that a diet plan such as these can be tailored for your specific needs as an individual and instead they just ensure that you lose the concept of what food is for. Food is for fuel, it should be easy and natural to eat exactly what you want when you want and it should be enjoyable. You should never have to govern your food intake in such a way that it consumes your day, your mind, your life. You should be taught about the nutrients in food and what is good to put in your body as opposed to calorie counting these nutrionaly void, microwavable, child size meals.

The best thing you can do for you health, your wellbeing and the clarity of your mind is stop dieting!! Throw away your books, stop your dieting programs, stop calorie counting and start eating good, natural healthy food.

I am telling you, if you do this you can only succeed. You need to forget what has been drummed into you, there are other ways to succeed and reach your weight goals. Other ways that address the REAL issue, not the food, not the weight but the reason WHY you want the bad food, or WHY you are lacking motivation or WHY you eat more than you should! This is what really needs to be addressed and resolved. And this is what 100% worked for me! Starving yourself and calorie counting is not the solution!

Create yourself a healthy lifestyle plan, make the decision to take care of yourself, to be active and to make your health top priority.

There are many other secrets you need to know about diets and the real reasons you are not reaching your weight goals. Continue to follow my blog for more info!