Breeze's Success. . .

Hi I'm Breeze!

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What made you join the program?

Before the program I was depressed, sad and just feeling terrible. I’d tried all different exercise things, food things to lose weight and never really stuck with them or I’d stick to them for a bit and then I’d give up. I wanted to feel good again and find something I could stick to so I took the leap and joined the program.

What has been your biggest shift?

Not caring as much what people thing about me. Being more outgoing. Doing what I want.

I was always self conscious, my husband goes to the gym and he looks really good and I used to think people would think I was his mother or it was an arranged marriage, I was so paranoid and now I just don’t care. It’s amazing.

It’s knowing that I’m worth it that has changed and not taking on other people’s emotions which is something I always did in the past. Now I realise that it’s their stuff not mine and I can just focus on me and how I feel.

What has changed day to day for you?

I do yoga every day and move my body so much more, even when Im cleaning I put in more effort as I know this still counts.

I’m eating better than what I was, not eating as much and not feeling guilty when I eat something that I would’ve felt guilty about before.

What has been your biggest learning throughout the program?

That food wasn’t the enemy. I always saw food as my biggest enemy but it wasn’t, there was so much more to it. There were a lot of reasons why I was using food in the way I was. It was mind blowing looking at where these things all came from.

What did you love about the group element of the program?

I loved the support. I thought I was alone and no-one was going through this and then you realise that everyone might have a slightly different story but they’re all going through this too. I remember the first session I wouldn’t have my video on as I was nervous because I thought I’d be judged but you told me to just jump in and give it your all you’ll get the most out of it, so I did. The ladies were amazing, it was awesome. I’m so glad I did..

In what ways did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?

I definitely achieved what I wanted to achieve. I didn’t think it was possible, I was so hesitant, I didn’t believe it could all be emotional or baggage. I remember asking you if you give a food and exercise plan and you said no and I couldn’t work out how this was going to work but it has changed my life completely!

How would you encourage someone else to join the program?

I would say you’ve just got to jump in, what have you got to lose? Nothing! And you are absolutely worth it and you deserve to be happy and achieve your goals. Being a mother if I’m miserable, the whole household is miserable. I wanted to be a happy healthy outgoing mum so I did it for myself as well as my kids and husband. So just jump in and go for it, there’s nothing to lose.