Courtney's Success. . .

Hi I'm Courtney!

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What made you join the program?

This course is the nicest thing I have ever done for myself and is the nicest thing I probably will ever invest in.

Before the program I was going through a rough time, struggling with self esteem issues, feeling obligated to put everyone else before me, treated like a doormat by friends, family, colleagues because I lacked the ability to stand up for myself and a lack of self worth and belief.

Working with Leanne helped me uncover where all these beliefs had come from and gave me tools I can use for the rest of my life and my life has changed dramatically.

What has been your biggest shift?

I’ve lost 8kgs so far with absolute ease. I started being nice to myself and speak to myself nicely and stopped berating myself for not having lean arms and started thanking them and being really grateful.

I haven’t measured anything, weighed anything or counted calories. I’ve eaten what I wanted to eat. What I wanted to eat has changed because I now respect myself. No bingeing out on chocolate and bread I’ve just started eating foods that I knew would make me feel better because I love myself and my life and want to be kind to myself.

I’ve started exercising again, it doesn’t feel like an obligation. I do 2 x 15 mins session of exercise per week and am getting really great results from that.

What has changed day to day for you?

I have been able to assert myself in new relationships, I have started writing and performing music in front of complete strangers who have now become friends and support which I’ve never had

I have started being really nice to myself, stopped saying mean things and thanking my body instead.

What has been your biggest learning throughout the program?

The most valuable thing you will get out of this is not the physical side but the internal things of how you feel about yourself. There are so many women who are beautiful but feel worthless but it’s all about how you feel. Now I feel beautiful.

When you have the inner peace and you’re filled with wonderment, then you automatically become beautiful!  You stop holding onto fat because of fear or stress and your whole life improves!

How would you encourage someone else to join the program?

It’s an absolute worth while investment and I’d do it 1000 times over if I ever needed to but the great thing is you don’t need to, you only need to do it once and you have the skills for your entire life.