Helen's Success. . .

Hi I'm Helen!

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What made you join the program?

I wasn’t sleeping well at all, my energy levels were really low and I used food to improve my day.

What has been your biggest shift?

My energy levels ! I don’t drag myself out of bed any more or wake up thinking I had the worst night sleep or thinking I need that buttery toast to get my day going.

There used to be so many things I’d say ‘I can’t be bothered to’ and now I just go and do it instead. When I’m at Zumba class I have so much energy and I feel lighter, I’m so much more energetic.

What has changed day to day for you?

I journal almost everyday and if I don’t I feel strange. I really enjoy it. I meditate, if I don’t do it in the morning then I can really feel it, it improves my day right from the get go.

It’s hard to explain how you can be the same person but a completely different person. But I am a completely different person. I’m now in control of my own responses to things. I’m not holding onto things so much and having one emotion effect me for so long and managing the stress of stuff instead of waiting for it to go away.

What has been your biggest learning throughout the program?

I wasn’t aware at how often I was using food when I wasn’t hungry, I thought emotional eating was a 'sometimes thing' but then I realised how I was using it every single day emotionally which was a big wake up call.

Now I go into the kitchen and say what’s fresh here that I can have for breakfast instead of what’s quick and what’s easy?

In terms of body I was happy with my body before but it is smaller now than it was 3 months ago. I was surprised how much my jeans didn’t do up when I first started the program and in just 12 weeks there was such a difference.

I now have such self belief and look at things positively and know I can go and do the things I want to do.

What did you love about the group element of the program?

Oh I love those girls. it’s amazing how much you can connect with someone online. It was such a good feel in the group it really was amazing, I’d look forward to all of the calls.

In what ways did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?

I absolutely achieved what I wanted to achieve. I’m getting up and out of bed before my alarm. Like today I could’ve slept in until 9:30 if I wanted and instead I’m up early. I’m eating well and feeling so positive.

How would you encourage someone else to join the program?

Just step up, do it, you’ll be amazed, you’ll feel freer, lighter and …just do it!

I’m super excited to continue this journey and go to the next level and Bali! Onwards and upwards.