3 Easy Self Love Steps That Will Work Even For The Busiest Of Women!

Hi Lovely

One of the most common things I see women doing is forgetting to put themselves first and show themselves some love.

I mean how often do you say I love you, to yourself?

How often do you take time out and put you first?

How often do you pamper yourself with a bubble bath, massage, manicure or gorgeous lunch?

My guess would be not often enough. I’m sure you use the same excuses, ‘I’m too busy’ ‘the kids come first’ ‘I can’t spend that money on myself’, ‘I’ll be fine, I always am’ and without realising, you put yourself to the bottom of the pile and this secretly eats away at your soul builds into resentment. I used to do this too!

It’s easy to forget to practice self love when you get caught up in the busyness of everyday life: work, bills, shopping, cleaning, cooking, exercise, there’s always something to be doing and you forget your self care routines.

So I want to share with you 3 easy to practice, self love steps that will work even for the busiest of women!

1. Give yourself a damn break!

Yep that’s right! Be kind to yourself. This might sound like a simple one but I want you to start paying attention to how you speak to yourself internally.

Do you beat yourself up? Put yourself down? Tell yourself you’re not good enough, you look awful in that dress and you’re a big mess?

I used to as well and I had no idea what an effect those thoughts were having on the way I felt about myself and also on the things I was attracting into my life. Your thoughts are powerful and the more positive you can make them the more positive things you’ll attract into your life!

So this week turn your attention inwards. Are you speaking to yourself nicely, like you would to a best friend or are you being mean to yourself? If it’s the latter, make the decision to stop this right now, change that internal dialogue, be kind.

You’re an amazing woman, wherever you are right now, no matter what struggles or troubles you might be facing, you are incredible and it’s important that you recognise this. So be kind to yourself, talk to yourself nicely and notice what starts to change in your life!

2. Do something for you every day!

This might sound like a big ask but it’s really simple. This means give yourself 30 minutes every day, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever you can create, that is dedicated solely to YOU! No one else, just you.

What would you LOVE to do that will help you feel connected, present, calm and as though you’re living the life you love?

This could be as simple of taking yourself outside with a cup of herbal tea and sitting in the peace and quiet before anyone else is up. It could be meditating, going to yoga, going for a walk, reading a book, breathing and connecting with the universe, taking a bath. Whatever is going to enable you to feel as though the day is yours! Not your bosses, not your partners, not the kids, but YOURS. This is your life and you get to choose how you want it to be!

3. Say I love you daily

I know so many women struggle with their body image and weight and spend most of their time focused on what they’re unhappy with. They forget that their body is actually a beautiful, magnificent miracle that enables them to be here on the planet and that it deserves respect.

Imagine how your best friend would feel if every time you saw her you verbally abused her, pointed out how bad she looked, how she shouldn’t be wearing that top because her tummy rolls look awful, and telling her what a mess she has become. I don’t think you’d be friends for much longer do you?

So why do it to yourself?

You deserve so much love, but this has to come from within first and this starts by you changing the way you think about yourself.

I know for so many women, my past self included, that the mirror is the place of doom. Every time I’d walk past a mirror I’d catch sight of myself, beat myself up and start a negative downward spiral of thoughts which did not end in a good place. Usually resulting in me turning to food to try and make myself feel better!

So I want you to give this a go. For the next 7 days every time you look in the mirror, I want you to look directly in your eyes and say I LOVE YOU. Say it 5 times and repeat it every day.

It might feel weird, it might feel uncomfortable but push through it because on the other side of this is a world of love, beauty and acceptance!

You’ve absolutely got this!

Practice these 3 simple steps daily and you’ll start to notice things in your life shifting. When you love yourself, your whole world will change, it’s incredible.

I’d love to know what you think, so feel free to email me at info@mindovermuffin.com and let me know!

Speak to you soon!