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Hey lovely lady

Let me guess... you've been trying to lose weight for years with no permanent success?

You feel like food has some weird control over you that can’t seem to shake?

The thought of being seen naked or wearing a bikini makes you want to run for the hills?

You’ve lost your confidence, and are fed up!

Well, it's time to end this permanently and start loving what you see in the mirror!

“I thought that being slim, confident and happy with your body was meant to be hard work. Turns out, once all of you is in balance, mind, body and soul, then it’s easy!”

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Hey I’m Leanne,

An Emotional Eating Expert for women who are ready to take back control around food, feel confident and comfortable in their body and love what they see in the mirror...all 100% diet free!

What’s different about me and my method to weight loss? Firstly I use a completely unique approach, one that involves no calorie counting, no weight loss products, no excessive exercise but a way of addressing the real issues so you can over come emotional eating and fill yourself up with life instead of food!

I’m a qualified Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach and the techniques I've learned over the years are life changing...And secondly, I’ve been there, right where you are now, so I get it. Read more

I know what it feels like to struggle for years with your weight, beating yourself up about failed diet attempt after attempt, hating the way you look in the mirror and spending your days obsessing over what you should and shouldn't eat. This was me for years. And the worst thing was I thought it was normal.

As desperate as I was to lose the weight and as strict as I was with diets, calorie counting and exercise (by strict I mean totally obsessed) I would ruin it all by eating crappy food in the hope to make myself feel better and so nothing would ever change. For a while food was my only moment of happiness, it seemed to make everything better and was an amazing distraction from the other 'stuff' I had going on; a bad break up, low self esteem and a whole load of emotion I hadn't actually dealt with.

The problem was, the happiness from the food only lasted momentarily and when this passed the 'stuff' was still there, add to this a ton of guilt for eating the chocolate, cake, crisps or whatever it was that day I’d over indulged in, and you had the recipe for what felt like an inescapable mess!

I also never knew that the emotional stress my body was under put me into survival mode, meaning I couldn’t break down fat - no wonder my hours in the gym never did anything for me!

After years of going round in circles and 'failing' at weight loss, I had my light bulb moment. I realised that diets were not the answer to my problem because no matter how many calories I counted, it was not addressing the reason why I was using food the way I was, as a control mechanism and a comfort, which was what I really needed to deal with.

I began working on myself instead of governing my food, obsessing over calories and exercising excessively and the results were unbelievable.

I worked with an NLP practitioner who took me through an emotional clearing process that absolutely changed my life. (So much so I went on to get qualified myself.)

Things started to change instantly, I felt like a weight had been lifted emotionally, the emotional eating stopped (because the emotion was gone) I felt like me again and an added bonus was I lost the stubborn weight permanently, all 17kgs of it (that's over 2 stone) I felt like I got my life back, it was incredible.

My confidence came back and for the first time in years I stopped worrying about what I should be eating, only thought about food when I was physically hungry and felt comfortable to wear a bikini! (this was huge for me) and it happened easily and naturally.

Now I eat what I want, wear what I want and love what I see in the mirror every day! And I want to show you how to do exactly the same.

Imagine how it would feel to;

Look in the mirror and think 'wow I look good today'

To wear the clothes you want to wear and feel comfortable

To go out for dinner and have dessert without feeling guilty

To be able to have a few squares of chocolate and say no to the rest

To feel sexy in a bikini or being seen naked.

You deserve all of these things lovely lady!

I was at the point of giving up,

thinking I was doomed to be overweight

and food obsessed for the rest of my life,

little did I know there was a break-through just around the corner

and I know yours is too.

After 20 years of struggling with my weight I’ve lost 14cms off my waist alone, I'm back in a pair of jeans that haven’t fitted me for 18 months, my portion sizes have naturally decreased and I’m no longer constantly (emotionally) hungry, it’s a great feeling. I've never managed to lose so much weight without a diet before and I am truly happy that I no longer feel the need to step on the scales every morning to measure my success.

Theresa Scott. Perth

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