3 Secret Steps To Think Like A Naturally Slim Person In Seconds

Hi, Leanne here, The Food Relationship Expert and today I want to share with you the 3 Secret Steps on how to Think Like A Naturally Slim Person In Seconds. I want to show you how you can adopt the mindset of a naturally slim person and you too can be naturally slim, eat whatever you want and get the body of your dreams. This was one of the things that  brought about a lot of change for me on my weight loss journey. Enjoy!




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Ok so I know as you read this you will be thinking, how on earth would this ever work for me, I will never be naturally slim, and that there is a problem in itself; your beliefs. But I am telling you it is 100% for you to get to where you want to be and I know because I have done it. 5 or 6 years ago if someone had told me that I could be naturally slim and eat whatever I want, I wouldn't have believed them either but now I am the other side of this and know it is possible and want to help you do the same.

Now there really is no difference between you and a naturally slim person other than your mind set, the way you think about food, the way you view yourself and the beliefs that you have surrounding your weight, your size and food. It is 100% possible for you to be one of these naturally slim people who can eat what they want, you just need to shift your mind set. Now I know you will be thinking, no way that seems to easy, but trust me it works! And it is very simple for you to adopt the mindset of a naturally slim person, in just a few simple steps you can do it.

When I was on my weight loss journey I came to notice that the key differences between me, struggling with my weight and the friends in my life who were super slim and ate whatever they wanted, was the way I thought about the food. We could eat exactly the same food and the experience would be completely different. If i had sat down to eat a donut, the whole time I would be feeling guilty about it and would continue to feel that way after I had eaten it as well. I would think to myself that this was going to make me even fatter and I would even feel fatter instantly. Compare this to my friends who would just eat the food, not even give it a thought except really enjoy it and forget about it. I also noticed that they were able to stop eating when they had enough, even if they had half a plate of food left, they would just stop and leave it, another concept that was quite foreign to me.

So after observing this myself I decided to adopt their mindset, to copy what they were doing and really really stick to it and believe it. It took some work to begin with until I really nailed it and managed to summarise my system to 3 simple steps that I lived by and still do until this day.

Step Number One : Only Eat When You Are Physically Hungry (not emotionally hungry....there's a difference)

If you do this, eating only when you need food for fuel, for energy, then your body will use it and burn it off. Food is there to fuel your body, nothing else and when you are eating for anything other than physical hunger, then you are over eating and consuming too much energy for your body to burn off. By eating only when you are hungry you will eat only what you need.

Step Number Two:  Stop When You Are Full

You need to stop eating when you are full and full doesn't mean stuffed to the brim, it means that the food has registered in your stomach and you are satisfied. Over filling your stomach makes you lethargic and tired because it's using so much energy from your body to digest it.

Combining this with step one, only eating when you are physically hungry and taking your time when you eat, you will easily be able to identify when you have had enough. Really pay attention and listen to your body, you need a lot less food than you actually think!

Step Number Three: Eat Whatever You Want (As Long As You Are Implementing The first 2 Steps)

As long as you are only eating when you are physically hungry and stopping when you have had enough, then you really can eat whatever you want. Of course there are certain foods that are so much better for you and I would always recommend natural foods, lots of fruit, veg, beans etc. But you really can eat whatever you want as long as you are implementing the first 2 steps and it will speed up your weight loss for sure!

You really need to ensure that you are enjoying your food when you eat as well. Enjoy the fact that you get to eat it, enjoy the taste, enjoy the whole experience and once you are finished you can be relaxed in the knowledge that you have stuck to these steps and so can feel positive about it. As I mentioned earlier holding on to guilt about food is enough in itself to weight us down, make us feel heavy and uncomfortable, so let it go.

So have fun with these steps, start implementing them instantly and adopt the mindset of a naturally slim person and also the physical actions that they take. Embody this and really make it yours. As I said there is no difference between you and that naturally slim person you want to be other than a few simple steps that you can adopt!

I would love to know how you get on. Please feel free to drop any learnings, questions or victories into my facebook page The Food Relationship Expert.

See you in the next video. Have a wonderful day.

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