3 Simple Steps To Overcome Emotional Eating

Hey guys, today I want to talk to you about emotional eating, what it is and most importantly how to over come it.

Emotional eating is such a common problem for so many women and it is sabotaging your weight loss, your success and your happiness.

No matter how much exercise you do, no matter how healthily you eat, the emotional eating over rides that and creates those urges and need for the foods you know are not serving you positively.

Every time you are eating when you’re not physically hungry, (emotionally hungry) you are eating too much. You are putting unnecessary food and energy into your body that is not needed. When this energy is not burned off it gets stored in your body as extra weight.

So why does emotional eating occur? Watch this weeks video below.



It occurs when you are searching for something outside of yourself to make you feel a certain way. For example maybe it’s comfort, love, happiness, it could be a distraction, time out, when you’re bored and needing something to do or even to reduce stress?

It could be a number of different things and the reason will be very unique to you. Everyone will use food in a different way and for a certain purpose, but the underlying concept is always the same, it is being used to fill a ‘void’ – something you perceive to missing internally.

Underlying the behaviour or emotional eating there will be a void, linked to this void will be an emotion. For example this could be anger, sadness, fear, guilt, loneliness, regret, frustration, the list goes on.

It is the emotion that is driving the need for the food. In this case, food appears to be the problem, but what if we replaced the food with say alcohol, drugs, shopping, smoking, gambling…what would happen?
Nothing would change. You see it doesn’t matter what is being used and quite frankly you can move between different areas, it’s not about the ‘thing’ itself it’s about why it’s being used.

I bet you have known a smoker who as soon as they gave up the cigarettes started to eat more, because the reason WHY they needed the cigarette was still there; the void, the emotion. All that happens is they find another way of coping with it.

True success comes when the ‘void’ is resolved.

So How To Overcome This?

The question to ask is why do you need food to fill what you perceive is missing?

What is missing?

What are you not getting, having or doing in your life?

What is the purpose of the food?

If you took food away what would happen then?

The idea is to get clear with and aware of why you are doing it, why this behaviour is playing out, then once you are aware of it you can take back control.

Emotional eating feels as though it is happening out of your control but actually it is a pattern, process and habit that your unconscious mind is running and it just needs breaking down.

I broke this habit and have overcome emotional eating for good and you really can do the same.

So step #1 – be aware of when the habit occurs and tune into you and why you want it, be honest with yourself.

Step #2 – So what’s the purpose, really identify it. Is it comfort, love, happiness, stress relief?

Step #3 – Ask yourself, do I physically need this food? Does my body need this to survive? Tune into your heart and really listen. The answer will be no, then take a stand for you, for your future, for your success and take the correct action.

So give this a go this week and let me know how you get on. Taking these steps enabled me to really break free of this habit for good.

To Your Permanent Weight Loss Success