3 Simple Steps To Rapidly Conquer Cravings

Hi, I’m Leanne Lisbon the Food Relationship Expert and Today I am going to share with you the 3 Super Simple Steps you can implement immediately to rapidly conquer cravings. Being able to take control of these cravings will speed up your weight loss process and ensure you get results.




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Hi, Leanne here from The Food Relationship Expert and today I am really excited to share with you a process that has really helped me get to where I am today -17kgs lighter, completely diet free.

I am going to be sharing with you 3 Simple Steps To Rapidly Conquer Cravings.

Now cravings are something we all experience when we are on our weight loss journey and they really keep setting you back and ruining your success.

The cool thing is that although these cravings seem as though they are automatic and happen outside of your control, they are actually just a process, a pattern of behaviour that your mind is running so they can be easily changed.

At that point when you know it's time for the chocolate, the chips, the cake whatever it might be, you have to understand that there is a trigger point in your mind that tells you it is time to want this food and it will be serving some kind of purpose.

Also you need to be able to differentiate between physical hunger and emotional hunger because you don't get cravings when you are physically hungry, you are just hungry but you get cravings for certain foods when it is driven by emotion, creating emotional hunger and is serving some other kind of purpose.

So at that point when you want that sweet treat that you know you don't actually need, and you know is not going to help you get to your goals. I want you to implement Step Number One which is Stop. Just completely stop. Before you act on that craving, before you jump up off the sofa to get to the biscuit cupboard, before you leave your desk at work to head out and get yourself a chocolate bar. I want you to stop. Just take a second, slow everything down and just stop. And at this point take a breath, slow down.

Once you have stopped. Step Number Two is Identify The Purpose. Ask yourself For what purpose do I want this food? What other purpose is this food serving because I am not physically hungry so what do I want it for? Is it for a distraction? Is it time out? Is it for love, comfort, stress, boredom, happiness? What is it really for?

If it is for any of these kind of things, you know it not needed physically to fuel you body, which is what food is for. This is really important to bare in mind, if you are eating for any other reason than physical hunger and for fuelling your body with the energy that it needs, then you are eating too much. You are putting too much fuel into your body and your body will not use it up, it will store it.

Eating emotionally is your mind wanting the food, not your body. So you need to learn to control it.

Step Number Three is Take Charge And Be In Control. You need to take action and decide that you know this food is not needed for fuelling your body and you know that eating it is not going to get you to your goals. So you have to take action and take charge and decide to make the right choice.

These 3 simple steps will help you start to take back control of what feels like an automatic habit but is actually a process and pattern of behaviour that your mind is running. You need to take charge and Show Food Who's Boss!

Implement these steps immediately guys, it will make a huge difference for you, just like it did for me.


Speak to you soon

Leanne x

Take aways;

#1. STOP : You have to stop, really stop and take a second to yourself.

#2. IDENTIFY THE PURPOSE: Think about the real purpose for wanting the food, why do you really want it? What purpose is it serving? Do you want a distraction? Are you just bored? Lonely? Stressed? Really think about it.

#3. TAKE CHARGE: You have to take charge, make the decision to be in control. If you are not physically hungry then you know this food is not needed right now, you know it is emotionally driven.