Are My Emotions Making Me Fat?

Have you struggled and battled with your weight for as long as you can remember?

Are you fed up of dieting and getting no results?

Do you feel as though there is something more to the fact that you cannot budge the weight no matter what you do?

Well did you know that you hold emotion in your body both mentally and physically? In fact your thoughts and feelings have a direct connection to your body and this is a very common problem that prevents weight loss and stops you succeeding.

For example, close your eyes and think about something that makes you feel really nervous, whether it’s standing up in front of 10000 people to present, or to do a sky dive, or confronting your boss, whatever it might be. Notice what happens, notice where you feel the emotion, notice the butterflies in your tummy. Just the thought alone is enough to create a reaction in your body, that’s without actually being there and experiencing it.

So for every thought you have, it has a direct connection to your body.

Now imagine every negative thought you have ever had, any past negative events that have occurred in your life that have a lot of negative emotion attached to them. When you recall these past events you are able to relive and remember those feelings.

In your unconscious mind you will have a life times build up of unresolved negative emotion that is just there, sitting in your body, in your mind all the time, without you always being consciously aware. It will create the underlying triggers and drivers for the behaviours and problems you are experiencing now.

For example how often do you find yourself feeling down for no apparent reason and so to distract you from this you turn to food? Or how often do you find that even though you know you should go out and do some exercise and be active, you just cant be bothered and talk yourself out of it finding whatever excuse you can.

These behaviours are emotionally driven. Until you release and resolve this negative emotion then the problems will remain. Your emotions are preventing you reaching your goals, they are keeping you where you are now and stopping you from progressing. Letting go of this will change everything!

Learn to clear your mind. First you must identify the main emotions that are causing you problems. Take some time to yourself, sit and imagine letting them go, clear your mind, let them leave your body. Doing exercises like these for just a few minutes a day will make an amazing difference. Activities such as yoga or meditation are also a fantastic way to clear your mind. Having a clear, focused mind will enable you to reach your goals.