Are You Carrying Emotional Weight?

Hi ladies today I want to share with you something I wish I had of known when I really needed it, this information made such a massive difference to my success so I wanted to share it with you.

I can guarantee if you’re not getting the results you want, not shifting the weight or able to have control around food, then you have an emotional build up that is limiting your success.

Until this emotional build up is resolved then you will continue going round and round in circles just like I did, not getting anywhere other than feeling like a failure.

I never knew I had an emotional build up, no one ever told me and this is why I am so passionate about getting this information out there, so you know the real reasons why you aren’t losing weight and you know that the failure at diets is not your fault.

Emotion is linked to past events that you haven’t made peace with. This emotion builds up and it starts to drive behaviours, one of them being the need for food when you are not physically hungry but ‘emotionally hungry.’ This kind of eating is dangerous because you consume too much energy for what your body actually needs and therefore gain and store fat.

To overcome the urges for food and to get your body out of survival mode which essentially it is in when overloaded with emotion, you have to release this emotion. The first step to this is becoming aware of what you are running.

I suggest getting a journal and writing every day about your thoughts, feelings and events that come to mind that you haven’t made peace with. Consider what events, people, places occupy your mind the most. It’s really important that you become aware of this, once you are aware of it you can begin to let it go.

To release the emotion you can start doing things like meditation, yoga, walking but to truly release it from the root you need a qualified practitioner to walk you through the process. The process is amazing guys, it changed my life and is why I went on to get qualified to be able to do it myself and for others.

Once you resolve the real reasons why you want the food and why your body is holding onto the weight then you will achieve permanent results!

This really was the life changer for me!