Are You Obsessed With Your Weight?

Weight loss is a strange concept when you really think about it. Why when you want to lose body fat, tone up and improve your body shape does it become about weight?

You put so much emphasise and focus on how much you weigh….. and for what? When was the last time a friend picked you up, not in the car, but in their arms? When was the last time that you had to step on a set of scales to be allowed out of the house? I mean when do you ever need to use your weight for anything?

Who cares how much you weigh? Does it really tell you anything about your fitness or health?

And of course muscle weighs more than fat. A smaller sized piece of muscle weighs more than a piece of fat double the size. So how can you judge your health, fitness and success on something that doesn’t necessarily reflect your results?

fat vs muscle

If you lose fat and gain muscle your weight might not even change, in fact it could even go up, but your body shape and measurements and the way your clothes fit most definitely will have improved.

So why should I stop weighing myself?

Weighing yourself every week or every day is not a true reflection of what is going on internally in your body and the changes that are taking place. It will leave you feeling disheartened and as though you have failed despite the fact you may have decreased in fat and increased in muscle but the scales cannot monitor this.

Weighing yourself causes you to become fixated on the number on the scales. You weigh yourself every morning hoping that the number has gone down. If it has then brilliant you’re in for a great day but if it has gone up, then great work, all hell is about to break loose! And so begins the beating yourself up and the declaration of a hunger strike for the rest of the day, ‘that’s it I’m not eating for the whole day, maybe even the week!’

You rethink everything you have eaten,’ I knew I shouldn’t have had that square of chocolate last Thursday or that extra sprinkle of cheese’ and then the guilt kicks in, which is a terrible cycle to get stuck in.

If you are weighing yourself stop. I can tell you now you will know if you have had success because your clothes will fit better, you will feel better when you look in the mirror and you will see it and feel it. You do not need a set of scales to tell you if you are reaching your goals.

Some diet systems and companies out there are advising you to weigh yourself 3 times a week, this is doing nothing for you but creating an unhealthy obsession with weight and your scales. It is ludicrous!! Your weight can naturally go up and down from day to day influenced by hormones and hydration levels so if you are stepping on the scales everyday this is the only thing you are monitoring, so stop!

Start paying attention to the way your clothes fit and how you feel in your body. Put your focus on toning up, focus on the positive results you can actually feel and notice, not some number on a mechanical device!

Throw your scales away, it will be a great release and the best thing you can do!

I guarantee you will instantly feel lighter!!