Are You Searching For Happiness In Food?

Do you find yourself eating when you’re not actually hungry?

Do you sometimes feel bored, lonely, stressed or sad and turn to food?

Does food give you that moment of peace, time out or happiness but soon lead to feeling guilty after?

This is a dreaded cycle that you need to get out of.

I have been there myself, using food to make myself happy and most of the time you don’t even realize that you are doing it. But it is a dangerous cycle that needs to stop.

When you are eating for any other reason than fuel, the food is not needed.


It is as simple as that.

The quality of the fuel you put in your body greatly affects the results you get out of it.

When you are allowing your emotions to be the drivers of eating, this is when you usually turn for the sugar or fat loaded types of food. The food that is going to pick you up or give you that moment of pleasure, that food you consider to be a treat or luxury. But the reality is that you feel worse after.

You feel guilty for what you just ate and know deep down that you didn’t really need it. And then your body has to deal with the effects of this bad food.

You need to make sure that you are always consciously aware of what you are putting into your body and for what purpose. A great way to monitor this is simply when you have an urge for food, ask yourself

‘Am I actually hungry and needing this for fuel or do I just want the taste or the feeling that I think it is going to give me?’

Really pay attention to what goes in your body and for what reason. This is a great tool to use and will rapidly increase your success in reaching your weight goals.



The choices you make directly effect and equal the level of success that you achieve. Remember this every time you make a decision about what and when to eat. You have the choice, power and control to get the future success you want.

There is no food in the world that can give you happiness.

Only you can make you feel happy!