Banish The Word ‘Weight’ And Get Results Fast

So many women say to me, Leanne I am desperate to lose weight, all I want is to lose weight. But when I start talking to them and help them break through what’s really going on, it’s actually never anything to do with the weight, there’s aways something more.

I will show you what I mean.

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If your main focus right now is to lose weight, I want you to start thinking about it in a completely different way.

Consider this, if I was to take away your scales, and you had no way of ever weighing yourself again, how would you know when you’re at your goal, really, how would you know? Really think about.
(I’d recommend doing this as a written exercise.)

How does the ‘you’ at your goal feel? What do you look like? How do your clothes fit? How do you feel in your clothes? What do other people say about you? How does your every day life change?

Really connect with these things, because this is what you really want.
Tune into these things. Everyone thinks they want to lose weight, but the weight doesn’t mean anything.

You could get to your ‘ideal weight’ and still not feel happy, content, free, fulfilled because the amount you weigh is not a reflection of your health, your happiness or your body fat vs muscle percentage.

You might want to lose 10kgs, 20kgs etc but it’s irrelevant guys, you could lose body fat and gain muscle and your weight could even stay the same. So I want you to break away from the obsessive trap of focusing on that number on the scales.

I used to put so much focus on this and the number of calories in my food and I know what it did to my mindset, it wasn’t pretty!

So switch your focus to what it is you actually want. Do you want to feel energised, sexy, attractive, fulfilled, to get back in a bikini, in those skinny jeans, what is it you really want? Do you want your partner to tell you how amazing you look? This is what it’s about guys.

Scrap the weight. Scrap the scales. Say yes to what you WANT.

I see it time and time again with the women I am working with, when we delve a bit deeper than the ‘weight’ goal, they get emotional because they suddenly reconnect with what they really want! It’s a beautiful moment.

Focusing on the weight keeps you stuck. Focusing on what you want brings you freedom.

So spend some time writing out your goals, what is you REALLY WANT?

To Your Permanent Weight Loss Success