Do You Use The Words ‘Cheat Days’ And ‘Treats’? Erase These Words From Your Vocabulary!

Do you find yourself using phrases like this “ I’ve been so good this week I deserve a TREAT?’ or “ I can’t have that piece of cake yet, it’s Wednesday and Saturday is my CHEAT day?” Or do you refer to having dessert as a TREAT?
Well lovely lady I invite you today to completely erase these words from your vocabulary when it comes to weight loss and food!

And I will tell you why.

I can speak about this from personal experience and I know hands down that it was using diets that made me think this way about food. When you go on a diet, you deprive yourself of the certain foods you enjoy, you become focused on calorie counting and food becomes about numbers and amount as opposed to nutritional content yes?
And there’s always the part of the diet that says, “ok you’ve done so well this week so you deserve a ‘TREAT’, here’s a list of the foods you are allowed” and you can have these once a week, some once a day, other diets you have a whole CHEAT DAY where you can eat whatever you want. Basically a day where you get to let loose, lose control and devour everything you deprived yourself of all week…..we’ve all been there.

Anyway my point….food should never be about treats or cheat days because what this does unconsciously is says to your mind that you are only having this because its either a reward or because your ‘cheating’ at the way you should be eating. Implying that it’s either a reward or something negative that you shouldn’t be doing.

Food should be what you want it to be. You should be able to eat whatever you want but be comfortable in yourself that you know your own boundaries, you know what you want to eat to provide your body with the good health and nutrients it deserves.

The minute you allow yourself permission to have whatever you want when you want, you will realise that actually you probably don’t even want those things you thought you did. It’s like being told as a kid, “don’t go into that room” ….what do you do? You sneak in there when no one’s looking and why? Because you’ve been told not to.

We always want the things we can’t have and by labelling foods as treats or cheat days we are unconsciously telling ourselves we can’t have them so guess what we want them even god damn more!!

Make sense?

So today let go of labelling foods as treats, allow yourself to know that you can have whatever food you want when you want and you are in complete control. Take back the control of your life and your decisions, still pick wisely but know that it’s ok for you to think of food as food and integrate what you want into everyday.

To Your Permanent Weight Loss Success