Eliminate This One Word And Super Charge Your Weight Loss Success Instantly

Hi Lovely Ladies, Leanne here The Food Relationship Expert and today I want to share with you The One Secret Word That You Can Eliminate That Will Super Charge Your Weight Loss Success Instantly! Yes that’s right, just one little word!

This one word is absolutely ruining your weight loss success and once you know what it is and change it, it will completely change the results you are getting.

Now the work I do is all mindset based, and I am going to show you how this one word is effecting your mind set, which is effecting your weight loss success.

Now I want you to think about something. When you first go on a diet, what are the first things you think to yourself?

‘I don’t want to eat chocolate.’ ‘I don’t want to eat cake’. ‘I don’t want to eat chips’. I don’t want to eat any fatty foods’. etc. You rule out all those foods that you don’t want to have.

So think about this. If I said to you now, don’t think of a blue kangaroo. What do you think of?

That’s right, you think of the blue kangaroo.

And even if you try, really try to not think of it, most of the time you still think of it.
You have to think of it to try to not be able to think of it. Yes?

So this same principle applies to everything else you think about. So when you say I DON’T want to have chocolate, I DON’T what to have cake, I DON’T want to have hamburgers etc. What’s happening in your mind unconsciously is that all the ideas of those foods you DON’T want to have actually fill your mind.

So what happens when you go on a diet is you feel as though your mind is consumed by all those foods you cant have, it’s a battle isn’t it. But you are actually putting the idea in your own mind.

Unconsciously your mind doesn’t process the word don’t, it has to process the thing you don’t want to think of to not think of it. So it’s really important to bare in mind that when you list all the things you DONT want to eat; CHIPS, CAKE, CHOCOLATE, all thats going through your mind unconsciously is I DONT WANT TO EAT CRISPS, CAKE, CHOCOLATE. It doesn’t understand don’t.

So what you need to do is think about ‘ what do I WANT?” What do I actually want instead?

Think of it this way, would you go into a restaurant and when the waiter comes over to take your order would you run through the whole menu telling him everything that you don’t want or would you just tell him exactly what you want?

Exactly. You would tell him what you DO WANT. So apply this same logic to everything you do. Start thinking in the positive.
So think to yourself ok so what do I want.

Now if you say… I want to NOT eat chocolate, this still isn’t going to work because it’s in the negative. So here are some examples;
I want to snack on fruit this week
I want to eat healthily this week.
I want to put all my focus into making great healthy food choices.

This is the one word that you really really need to eliminate from your vocabulary, and this can be in all areas of your life. But it will 100% get you results and stop the way that food takes over you mind and allow you to start focusing on the things you want instead. It will also motivate your mind with the positive things you WANT which will ensure you reach your goals even quicker than imagined.

Enjoy implementing this ladies! It will make the world of difference and just make sure you catch yourself doing it and make the conscious decision to change it immediately, with that one simple question… WHAT DO I WANT?

Speak to you soon

Leanne xx