EMOTIONAL Eating. The Secret You NEED To Know

Hi Lovely

I want to let you in on a secret that will transform your emotional eating habits for good!

You can watch the video below or continue reading on!

I see it time and time again with women who struggle with EMOTIONAL EATING, they put all the focus on the EATING part and forget the emotion.

They think that because they’re eating they have a food problem, that they need to get a handle on their eating habits, govern and restrict their food, lock up their cupboards, avoid service stations, not have any ‘treats’ in the house, the list goes on.

All the focus goes to food. But here’s the catch, FOOD is NOT the problem!

That’s right, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. Yes the food might be making you gain weight or slowing down your progress, but it’s the reason WHY you want the food that’s the real problem.

And why do you want the food you ask?…
Well the answer for that is in the name, it’s EMOTION-al eating.

Emotional eating happens because you’re trying to fulfil something internally with food, you’re trying to satisfy a ‘craving’ or need, that you think is physical hunger, but it’s not, it’s emotional. This type of desire will never truly be fulfilled by food, not long term.

Food can’t actually fill that void or be what you’re searching for in that moment; happiness, love, distraction, comfort, freedom. It might seem to for a little while but then the guilt kicks in, you beat yourself up, feel terrible for what you’ve just eaten, and then you want to eat again to make yourself feel better. And here begins the terrible cycle!

Until the emotion is resolved from the root you’ll always have the desire for food in this way, it’s the emotion that’s driving the need for the food, so to truly break this habit for good you need to switch your focus.

STOP trying to fix the EATING and start resolving the EMOTION.

This is the real problem, this is why you’re not moving or getting long term results because the emotion is always there underlying everything.

Every time your mind unconsciously fires off the signal that you’re bored, sad, angry, lonely, worried, it finds the quickest easiest path to get you the happiness or comfort you need. For some people it’s alcohol, some people it’s cigarettes, others drugs, some people food, it doesn’t matter which external factor is being used, it matters WHY.

When you resolve the WHY, then the need for food for any other reason than physical hunger will disappear.
No amount of food or calorie control is going to solve that problem for you, in fact it will just make it worse, it will cause you to focus even more on the one thing you want to forget; food!

Making this switch was a game changer for me on my weight loss journey and has enabled me to not only over come emotional eating for good but to be at a point in my life where I can eat whatever I want without a thought.

This is 110% possible for you too!