Finally The Weight Loss Myth Demystified! You Will Want To Know This!

I am about to pull the cloak off a very illusive problem that so many women are misinformed about and this is weight loss. This information changed my life and I know it will do the same for you!

So I am sure you probably think you have a fair idea of what weight loss is about and why if you are struggling with your weight that you can’t lose it. And I am going to guess you would say one of a few things, either food, lack of motivation or some physical condition that prevents you losing weight.

Well my friend I am about to blow these out of the water so sit back and get ready.

Make sure you take a look at the image below the video so this makes complete sense.

You see I used to think exactly the same. When I was 17kgs heavier, battling with diets and struggling to lose weight I used to think food was my problem, to me that was the only answer. However after a long battle of getting no where with diets I soon came to realise that intact food was not the problem at all.

And I will show you why.

I want you for just a minute to imagine you could shift your perception of weight loss and you could be open to the fact that there is a simple solution to the problems you are experiencing. Ok so take a look at this diagram.

So think of the weight you are experiencing or struggling with as a 'symptom' of over eating. (now whether you say you do or don’t over eat, I am going to be brutally honest and say if you’re over weight it is because you are putting too much, or too much of the wrong stuff into your vehicle and not burning enough off…pretty simple equation. (this took me a while to admit to myself) Whether you over eat now or not there will have been a point in your life that you did.

Ok, so then think of over eating as the ‘symptom’ of emotion. When we over eat or are eating on autopilot it is because we have unconscious negative emotional build up that is driving these behaviours. We are not eating for physical hunger but for emotional hunger, filling a void, giving us comfort, love, company, a distraction, something to do yes? Or it might have just become a habit, sitting down in the evening to watch the tv with a big bag of popcorn for example.

Can you see here that actually the food is not the problem but the reason WHY you are eating unnecessarily or emotionally IS the problem.

So let’s take it even deeper. Behind this excess eating that’s driven by emotion, is a past event where this emotion stems from. For example the loss of a loved one, a bad break up, being made redundant, a stressful job, not living life in accordance with your values, an happy marriage the list goes on. The event will be very unique to you, but this is what is really driving the need for food - all unconsciously I might add.

But this is why FOOD is NOT the real problem when it comes to weight loss - the reason WHY you want the food is the problem and this will be to fill some kind of void or as a coping mechanism of the emotion.

Now guys I know this sounds quite deep. BUT this information changed my whole weight loss story around, when I tuned into what was really causing the problem it changed everything.

So my tip for you this week is to stop thinking of food as the problem because its not. Stop using diets to try and fix the ‘FOOD PROBLEM’ because you will go round in circles because you don’t have a food problem. And start addressing the root of the problem, the past events that have occurred that still have emotional attachments to them.

Now this might sound strange but this is just because it’s new information and trust me your mind is amazing and when you dedicate the specific time to do this it will happen easily and you will be surprised what connections and realisations are made.

Start tuning into what things are playing on your mind, what do you spend time thinking about that maybe you haven’t realised? What haven't you let go of or resolved? This is the first step to becoming aware and taking back control of your situation.

I hope that’s hit home a little bit guys, would love to hear your feedback!!

To Your Permanent Weight Loss Success