Getting Honest With My Food Cravings And Breaking Free


Hi Ladies

Today I wanted to share something very personal with you, that if I am honest really worried me the other week.

So I was having one of those days where nothing seemed to be going right, nothing would flow, my work wasn’t going as planned and I felt really irritated. I kept finding myself getting up from my laptop, heading over to the kitchen and looking for food. I kept picking at things even though I wasn’t hungry and it was really really frustrating me.

I started to get really wound up with my work and with myself and I started to panic, ‘why had these old eating habits crept back in?’ And from there began the downward spiral of ‘ This can’t be happening, this is what I am helping other women to stop doing, I can’t possibly have this problem too.’

And because of my mood, this downward spiral continued way down to, ‘maybe I am doing the wrong job, I shouldn’t be doing this, maybe I’m not good enough I should do something different’. Wow!

Then I stopped.

And I took a breath. I had gone from ‘hitting a limit with my work’ (the real problem) to eating, beating myself up and then deciding I should be doing a different job because I wasn’t good enough to be doing what I was doing. What a spiral!

But once I took the time to reflect on this out of it came some amazing realisations:

#1. The problem was not to do with the food or eating (It NEVER is) it was to do with the fact that I have been making some massive shifts in my business lately and I had hit my upper limit. (if you haven’t read Gay Hendricks book The Big Leap, give it a read, it is amazing) My mind was going into panic mode and didn’t know quite how to handle some of the new things I was taking on so it wanted a way of bringing me back down to my comfort zone.

#2. 5 years ago I wouldn’t have even been aware of what I was doing in this situation, I would have kept eating all day long, unaware that there was anything deeper going on. How far I have come!!

#3. That actually within the space of 20 minutes I was able to think rationally and logically about this whole situation, identify the real problem and work through some processes on my own to completely overcome the real problem and move past it! What an amazing skill set I have obtained!

#4. Hands down, of course I am good at my job, in fact I am awesome at my job and I love it and I help other women achieve fantastic results every single day!

Just because a new obstacle came up in my life and I tried to find a distraction from dealing with it, like any other human being would, that’s ok. If anything this means I am able to help other women overcome the same thing because I know EXACTLY how it feels and can relate directly.

So in the end I was actually really grateful this happened because it highlighted how far I have come and that I am in control of my emotions, my eating habits and behaviours. And that one event was a rarity where as it used to be a normal everyday occurrence.

Maybe this is something you struggle with? Maybe it feels like food has a hold over you? I completely understand what that is like, in that moment I remembered just how bad it used to be for me and I know how amazing it feels to be able to overcome it and be free of it now.

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To your permanent weight loss success