How I Lost 17kgs Diet Free And Kept It Off

In today’s video I will be sharing with you how I lost 17kgs after being stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle and battling with my weight. I did it completely diet free and want to show you how you can do the same.




Hi Ladies, Leanne Lisbon here The Food Relationship Expert and today I want to share with you how I lose 17kgs completely Diet Free and kept it off ever since easily and naturally and want to show you how you can do the same.

I want you to understand that you will be able to get back int he clothes you want to wear, be comfortable in your clothes, in yourself, get that hot body back and just love the shape and size you are.

Now there was a time about 5 years ago where I was stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle. I was really really trying to lose weight, using diets, weight loss products, exercise programs and nothing was working for me, I was just going round and round in circles. Food took over my mind, it was all i thought about, what can I eat, what can't I eat, how many calories in that? And it drove me insane.

And what happened at this point was I just felt like a failure. Everything I was doing wasn't working.

This is when I decide I needed to take some time and really think about what had been going on with me prior to this weight gain. What was actually going on in my life outside of this because I had become so consumed by the food, the weight, by that aspect of my life and had pushed everything else aside and had forgotten about me. So I decided I needed to look a bit deeper and consider what had been going on in my life and what had I been going through?

I had just come out of a really bad relationship and had a really bad break up and had so much emotional build up that I had told myself I had resolved, let go of, but i hadn't. It was still there building up, bubbling away and that was still there.

The emotion that was linked to those past events, I hadn't dealt with it, i had put it in a box, suppressed it, tried to put it behind me but it hadn't worked, this anger, frustration, sadness was what actually creating the need and want for the sugary foods. For the chocolate that gave me that quick 10 minutes of happiness, comfort the distraction that I needed, something else to focus on. But this was not the problem. The real problem was the thing underlying this, the emotion.

Now when I resolved this emotion and let it go, everything changed. The need and the want for the food was gone, completely gone. I started to just eat only when I was hungry, I would stop eating when I was full. All I had was physical hunger, I didn't have emotional hunger anymore so the cravings and need for the food disappeared. I had been reacting to emotional hunger 90% of the time and as soon as it was gone everything changed for me.

This is what you need to do too. So write a list of the emotional things you are holding on to.
What emotion have you go in you that is driving the need for the bad foods?
What emotion is it?
Where has it come from?
What past events have gone on that you know you haven't dealt with properly, that still create a reaction in you when you think about them?

And there will be some, you just have to take the time to identify them.

When you start to address these real things and become aware of them, it means you can take back control.

So write a list and make sure you are aware of the real reasons why you are wanting the food, get clear with yourself and what's really going on. Because weight loss is nothing to do with food, it's all about finding the reasons behind it.

Speak soon

Leanne x

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