How To Switch Your Thoughts And Lose Weight

Hi Ladies today we are continuing on from last weeks video where we were discussing the power your thoughts have on your reality and your weight loss success. If you missed last weeks video, go back, complete the task and then come back to this one.

So to continue on from last week, if you are running negative thoughts such as ‘I’m so overweight’ ‘ I hate my body’ ‘I feel uncomfortable in my clothes’ ‘my legs are fat’ ‘I’m so unhealthy’ etc then you are going to continue attracting more of these things in to your life. Remember whatever you think about, you create.

So the first step is to track your thoughts, you did this last week. If you are feeling stuck, you’re not getting the weight loss results you want I can guarantee your thoughts and internal voice is keeping you trapped. Becoming aware of what you are running to create your reality is the first step in changing this. Instead of wanting to fix things externally you have to start fixing them internally, all the answers are in there! And I can speak from personal experience with this!

By now you should have your list of thoughts that you have tracked throughout the week. Take note of the most common ones, which ones are on repeat, how much emotional charge do they have?
And now it’s time to switch them up! You are going to learn how to switch these thoughts and create the ones you want.

If you’re running thoughts such as ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I can’t do it’ ‘I’ll always be over weight’ for example what you are going to do is simply change it to what you want to believe instead. E.g;

‘I’m not good enough’>>>>>> ‘I’m more than good enough and achieve everything I want.’

‘I’ll always be overweight’ >>>>>> ‘I am naturally slim’

To start with this might feel like a battle or as though you are lying to yourself but stick with it, you will get there. Keep saying the new thoughts you want to have over and over until you start to believe them and eventually they will begin to happen naturally.

Why do you want to do this? Because the more positive your world is internally the more positive it is externally. If you want to be slimmer or want to be healthier you must first think and feel those things inside!

When your mind is occupied by these positive thoughts you naturally emit this to the universe and attract more of it to you. So this will get you out of the negative cycle that you are in and get you into the positive space so you can move towards your goals, the weight will drop off, you will feel energised and fulfilled and everything will flow! AMAZING!

This is a process though ladies, so you have to first become aware of your internal thoughts and then learn to switch the thoughts so you can take back control. You have to commit to it, make sure you catch yourself with any thoughts throughout the day and learn to switch it up. Keep doing it over and over until it really sinks in, put the work in and you will get the results I guarantee it!