“I Don’t Feel Like It” Is Stopping Your Weight Loss Success!

One thing I have learnt from business that directly reflects anything you do in life, is that you have to sell yourself on what you’re doing. So what do I mean? Watch today’s video to find out!

How often do you let yourself off the hook because you ‘don’t feel like it’ today? How often do you hit snooze on your alarm instead of getting up going for a run or going to yoga? How often do you pick the fast food takeaway option because you don’t feel like cooking?

Sound familiar? I get it completely. I know how it feels I’ve been there, it used to be me.

I used to get through bars of chocolates or packets of biscuits because I felt like it. Not any more!

What I have come to realise is that if you are going to do something, you have to really truly SELL yourself on the idea first. I heard this is the book, The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint To Massive Success, an amazing book, and the author says that anything you do in your life you have to truly sell yourself on first otherwise you just won’t do it.

So the easiest quickest switch you can make to start getting stuff done, being productive and moving towards your goals, is to set time aside each week and actually schedule in your calendar the days and times you will do the activities and steps that are going to ensure you succeed.

For example if you are someone who puts off exercise, then schedule in the times in your week that you will exercise. If you go to yoga what classes you will go to for example, what days and times? Schedule it in advance. Schedule in what you are going to eat if you struggle with healthy eating or when you will do your food shopping, so there is no time for the excuse of ‘I didn’t have time to go shopping so I’ll get a takeaway.’

When you sit down to do your scheduling you have to be in a state of inspiration – from this place you will do it, you will get it done. Once it’s scheduled and set in stone, when Monday morning comes around and you don’t ‘feel’ like getting up and exercising, or you don’t feel like eating healthily, well tough, you scheduled it you HAVE to.

You see as humans we give into what we feel like doing, success will not be born from giving into feelings it has to come from thinking and focusing on that end goal ad doing whatever it takes.

So when you don’t feel like exercising or eating healthily or working on your mindset, meditating, or going to yoga, you will remind yourself that actually I’ve scheduled it and I am going. BECAUSE how you do one thing in life is how you do everything.

So guys my advice to you this week is to put some time aside where you get clear on your goals, know what steps you have to take to get there and schedule them in.

Schedule the next month into your calendar, all your work outs, your mediation, your healthy eating etc and SELL YOURSELF on your ideas and then it’s easy all you have to do is stick to it!

To Your Permanent Weight Loss Success