Is My Negative Self Talk Limiting My Success?

Are you happy with your body? Do you constantly compare yourself to women you see in magazines? People you see in the street? Women running in the park?

Are you forever wishing your legs were thinner at the top, your arms were slimmer and your stomach flatter?

Do you find that you are always focusing on the negatives? If this is you then you need to reconsider the way you are thinking about yourself. The way you think has direct influence on the reality you experience.

Think about it this way, would you talk to your best friend like this? “I really don’t think you should wear those leggings because it makes your legs look really chunky and you can really notice how big your hips look. Also you really need to work on your arms because those bingo wings aren’t doing you any favours and whilst we are on the subject you should probably consider doing something about that unsightly stomach!”

I’m going to take a guess and say NO! You would never talk to your friend in this way. So why then is it acceptable to talk to yourself in this way? A lot of people will say, ‘yeah but its different talking to myself, it doesn’t matter.’

Well you are wrong! How you talk to yourself in your head be it positive or negative has a huge influence on the things you experience. If you spend all day running negative thoughts about the way you look and how bad you are feeling, then guess what you are going to continue feeling bad about yourself and will always focus on the negatives.

However if you change these thoughts into positives and focus on the areas of your body you do like and put all your focus there, this will make a massive difference for you.

Tell yourself each day that you are happy with your body, that you are grateful for the body you have and that everyday in everyway I am improving. Do this whether you entirely believe it or mean, just do it and keep doing it until you do believe it and it becomes a natural, easy way to think.

A great exercise to do is stand in front of the mirror, look at your body and focus on the areas that you do like, even if it’s your baby toe for now, your hair, your eyes, whatever it might be. Find an area you are happy with and focus on that and that only. Do this every day, and each day find a new area to add to the positive focus until you look at all of you and love it!

Notice what a difference this makes when you choose to focus on the positives and be positive, when you do this only great positive things can happen.

Be nice to yourself, talk positively, think positively, respect the wonderful creation that you are. Support yourself with words of encouragement, be positive! This will 100% help you in reaching your goals!