Is Your Internal Voice Stopping You Losing Weight?

Hi Ladies today I want to discuss how your internal voice is stopping you losing weight.

Most people think mindset has nothing to do with weight loss, but ladies your mindset is the key to EVERYTHING in your life, including your health, your happiness and your body. Everything you ‘think’ is to do with weight loss; diets, calories counting, slimming shakes etc are actually nothing to do with weight loss – they are not the solution. All the answers you need are already inside of you, you just need to find them.

Everything ‘weight loss’ starts internally, in your mind. This took me a long time to figure out on my own and I went round and round in circles with diets and the traditional weight loss methods, getting no results. But finally I got my break through and here I am sharing the solution with you too!

So let’s get into it. Your internal world creates your external world, so the thoughts you are running in your mind create the reality you experience around you, it’s proven. Every thought you have creates a thing, your thoughts create your world and this relates directly to weight loss, and every other area of your life.

If you are struggling with your weight, body image or relationship with food, what you need to do first is track what you are running internally, your internal voice. For example if you are unhappy with your body it’s likely that you are running negative thoughts such as ‘I hate my body,’ ‘I feel so fat’ ‘I’ll never be slim’ ‘I hate the way my clothes fit.’ If you are thinking things like this, then remember your thoughts create your reality so you will continue to get more of those things, you will keep yourself trapped in that negative state of mind and it will feel hard to get out of it.You will continue to fuel the problem.

Or maybe you feel like food has a hold over you, but internally you are probably spending all day thinking ‘I don’t want to eat chocolate today’,’I don’t want to eat any junk foods’ but you are still occupying your mind with the thing you don’t want to do…and guess what? What you think about you bring about. So it’s no wonder you end up eating the chocolate and junk food.

So what you are running internally IS creating your world. Now I know how I felt when I first heard this information, I couldn’t quite believe that my thoughts had the power to enable me to lose weight, that seemed ludicrous to me at the time but trust me guys this stuff really works. Everything in your life has started with a thought, anything you have ever achieved has started with a thought and weight loss is exactly the same.

If you are struggling with weight loss, diets, calorie counting and not getting any results, then you have nothing to lose in giving this a go!

When you can learn to take control of your mind and your thoughts you can take control of your reality and therefore your life. The more you think about the things you want, and combining that with feeling as though you already have them, this is when you have to bring about what you are thinking about.Amazing.

Now the first step of all of this is becoming aware of the thoughts you are running internally, discover what is occupying your mind for the majority of the time. What are you spending time worrying about, thinking about, stressing about?

Catch yourself with the negative thoughts you are having about your body, the way you look, the way you feel, your health etc and start writing them down, use the notes app on your phone. Keep track of them, write a list. Start becoming aware of what you are running, this is the first step of breaking free of the trap you are in and taking back control of your thoughts and ultimately your life.

Step two we will cover next week once you have your list. I will show you how to transform these thoughts so you can start tricking your mind into believing you are the you that you want to be and start getting some results.

So start tracking those thoughts guys and I will speak to you soon.
Be sure to tune in next week for the following step.