Lost Your Motivation? This One Simple Switch Will Ensure You Get It Back Instantly!

Hi guys, Leanne here from The Food Relationship Expert. Today I want to cover a really hot topic that comes up time and time again with my clients, Motivation.

Do you feel like you have lost your motivation? Do you feel like everything is an effort as though you are having to drag yourself out of bed to exercise, or fight with yourself to find the strength to choose the healthy food? If so this is going to work wonders for you!

Today I am going to show you that your motivation is not lost, it is in fact just moving in the wrong direction. Once you know this simple switch you will get it back easily and start reaching your goals!

Have a watch of the video.

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So when it comes to motivation you can either be moving AWAY from DISCOMFORT or TOWARDS COMFORT. Let me explain...
So when you are moving AWAY from DISCOMFORT your thought process will go a little like this.' Well I know I need to go the gym and eat healthy because I feel really uncomfortable in my clothes, I hate the way I look in my underwear, I'm fed up of feeling sluggish and down, my legs are fat, my tummy has rolls and I've had enough!'. These are all the things that make you feel DISCOMFORT and are trying to MOVE AWAY from.

So why is this a problem?

When you are MOVING AWAY from DISCOMFORT the motivation to do so can only last a short amount of time.
I will show you why...

So you decide to go to the gym to fix the above problems, you start a diet and you begin to lose a few kilos. After a few weeks, you start to notice some changes, you start to feel MORE COMFORTABLE. So you decide you don't have to go to the gym 3 times this week, you will just go once. And you decide that it doesn't matter if you buy one pack of cookies and eat them because you've lost some weight and before you know it that new routine is out window, the old habits creep back in and you are feeling uncomfortable (DISCOMFORT) again. Your clothes are tighter, your mood drops and you start beating yourself up for letting all your hard work go to waste. If anything you feel worse than you did before you started. And guess what then you go and do it all over again!

Have you been here? This was a common theme in my life for a long time!

This is the dreaded yo-yo that we get stuck in, its frustrating, draining and makes you feel like a failure. But I will be honest with you, you were never going to win this, it's an impossible struggle when your motivation is MOVING AWAY from DISCOMFORT.

# So how do you change this?

What you need to do to prevent the yo-yo from happening is just continuously move TOWARDS COMFORT.

The best way to do this is to focus on WHAT YOU WANT. Not on what you don't want, which was what the above example was doing.
So you need to actually get your mind to focus on what it is you want to achieve. Why do you want to eat healthy? Why do you want to be active? Why do you want to work on your mindset? What is it you WANT.

Your mind needs to be motivated with positives. It needs to be able to picture and focus on where it is heading and what you WANT.

So write a list of all the things you want. This sounds such a simple shift but it makes a HUGE difference. All of sudden your mind will know what it is aiming for, it will focus on the positives and of course it will be motivated to go and get them, because they are inspiring, exciting and fill you with joy!

So go and do this exercise right now, write a list of 50 things you want from being healthy, active and working on your mindset. Is it you want to be fitter, slimmer, more toned, more focused, calm, peaceful, whatever it is write it down, make sure they are ALL POSITIVES.

Once you have your list read it every morning. Ensure your mind is focused on your goals and the positives it is moving towards. This will make such a difference to your success and instead of chasing motivation you will be naturally inspired!