Negative Self Talk Is Stopping Your Weight Loss

Hi Lovely

This week I want to talk to you about your internal self talk and how making a few simple shifts can make the absolute world of difference to your weight loss success.

I know this can seem a strange concept and as though the two are completely unrelated but working on this created a mind blowing impact on my weight loss.

So watch this week’s video to find out more.

I learned that your thoughts are the gateway to your reality. What you’re thinking about is what you ‘bring about’ into your life.

So what does this mean?

That whatever you are thinking about you will create. If your mind is filled with negativity that’s what you’re going to get back.

When your internal thoughts are positive, you get more positive things in your life.

I used to speak to myself terribly; ‘Oh wow you look awful in those jeans’ ‘look at your tummy in that top.’ ‘you’re such a failure’ ‘why did you eat that piece of chocolate, you’ve ruined everything.’

Sound familiar?

I had no idea what impact this was having on the way I felt, my actions, my behaviours and my success.

I can tell you now this type of talk got me absolutely nowhere!
It actually kept me stuck.

Can you imagine if you’re partner followed you around all day saying these things to you, whispering them in your ear, you wouldn’t stand for it would you? You’d feel terrible, deflated, frustrated and like a failure and you’d certainly lose your s**t with them! Well, that’s exactly what’s happening but you’re the one doing the talking.

If you’re not getting the results you want right now and are feeling stuck, start tracking your thoughts and pay attention to what you’re running internally.

The first step of any change is awareness, get clear with how you’re talking to yourself, be honest.

I used to use this question, ‘How would I speak to my best friend?’ or “ Would I speak to my best friend in this way’ and I hope your answer would be no, otherwise maybe you won’t be friends for too long.

But in all seriousness why are you not treating yourself as your own best friend? You spend all day everyday with yourself so it’s time to start treating you the way you deserve, you’re worth it.

Schedule some time to do some journalling, write a list of the most common thoughts you’re running and then decide what you will switch these to, find a positive thought you can have instead!

Now the knock on effect of changing up these thoughts is crazy, not only will you start to think and feel more positively, you’ll start attracting more positive things into your life. Your thoughts are the gateway to your reality so by changing your thoughts, you will change your reality, simple as that.

And p.s this is not woo woo, it actually works, give it a go.

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Be kind to yourself, treat yourself like a best friend, love you and this will be the catalyst for amazing changes in your life!

Lots of Love

Leanne xxx