One Simple Switch To Get Results Right Now

I want to talk to you about one simple shift you can make to start getting results right away.

Watch this week’s video below:

So many women will say to me “Leanne I just want to be slim, I want to lose the weight, I’m fed up of feeling like this. I want to be healthy, toned and happy.” This is great that they know what they want but the problem is what they are running internally does not line up with this.

For example their minds will be full of negative thoughts, such as I hate my body, Im so unhappy, I feel awful, I feel fat, I hate my tummy roles, my legs rub together….so on and so on. So the thoughts going on internally are negative but they want a positive outcome.

This is the secret guys, your internal world creates your external world. What you think about you bring about. So in order to actually achieve the things you want you have to first change your thought.

So if you want to be toned, healthy, fit and slim, you have to THINK and FEEL as though you already are.
Now I know this will bring up some resistance and potentially a bit of a battle but this is normal.

The reason why this is so important is that if you want to change something in your life it must first start on the inside.

Think of your thoughts like an transmitter to the universe, your thoughts transmit the idea and put it out there. By you then FEELING like it has already occurred, like you are that slim, toned, happy woman, you are going to draw this event to you quickly and easily. Think of you feeling that way like a magnet.

The more you FEEL like you are already that woman, the quicker the result will occur. By allowing the negative thoughts to replay over and over again you are keeping yourself trapped. Now this is not me just saying this guys, this is an actual science, proven. What you think about most is what you will bring about into your life, so the quickest and easiest way to get results is to change your thoughts.

I know this seems so simple, but the minute you change your thoughts, you are in a different state. And sooner or later you will start to believe these thoughts and then you will start taking the actions of the slim, toned, happy woman you want to be!It’s amazing!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, give it a go. Pick a phrase, ‘I am healthy, I am slim, I am toned’ for example and think it over and over and over again. Feel how you will feel when you are at that goal. Ignore any resistance that comes up and just keep pushing through it. Your mind is so powerful guys so use it to your advantage.

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