Scrap The Scales And Skyrocket Your Weight Loss Success Immediately.

Hi Lovely Ladies, Leanne from The Food Relationship Expert here and today I am going to share with you why you should 100% stop weighing yourself and how it is doing nothing but ruining your weight loss success.

Now I know you become programmed to focus on weight, you judge your success and results by weight. But I want to let you know that your weight is irrelevant. Think about it… when was the last time other than when you were part of a weight loss or diet group, that anyone asked for you weight? I mean what does it mean? When do we ever need to know how much we weigh? It is not a reflection of your success? When was the last time you were lifted up by someone who could feel how much you weighed? I mean it’s completely irrelevant.

I want you to really make the effort to change tis thought and connection that your weight is a direct reflection on your success because it is not!

For example you could lose body fat and gain muscle and your weight could even stay the same or even increase. A piece of fat could be equivalent to a piece of muscle a third of the size! The weight is the same but the shape of the mass would create a completely different shape on your body. So your your body weight could go up but your body shape could improve and your measurements and clothes size could go down.

Now when you become so fixated on that number on the scales, this is all your mind focuses on. And remember weight loss is a mind set thing! This is one of the biggest shifts I made, stopping weighing myself because I became obsessed with the number on the scales and it was ridiculous.

I was setting myself up for some of the worst days by stepping on the scales each morning in the hope that my weight had changed. Now your weight can change from day to day and there are some diet companies out there that are getting people to weight themselves 3 times a week but this is crazy. All you are monitoring here is the natural fluctuation of your body in terms of water retention, hormones etc. So it’s pointless.

So stop weighing yourself and start using other ways to monitor your success. For example how you feel in your clothes, you know when you feel comfortable in your clothes, when you trousers fit better or your tighter tops feel looser. So start going by this instead, this IS a direct reflection of your success but weighing yourself is not and all it does is get you fixated on that number on the scales which is not a great place to be mindset wise at all! I know, I’ve been there!

All you do when you step on the scales in the morning, if the number has gone up, then you’re in for a terrible day! It sets your mind off in a frenzy. Even if you have been eating really well and exercising all week, you think well why did I even bother, I should just go and eat all the chocolate bars I wanted to eat and it creates an anger in you that makes you lash out and retaliate against all the hard work you have put in. And you find yourself then going to eat all those bad foods which then leads to you feeling guilty and you are back at square one. When in face you could have definitely made some improvements.

And the thing is if you hadn’t have stepped on the scales you would be feeling really good still. But you have let that number effect the way you feel,your actions and your success. It’s crazy because it doesn’t mean anything!

It is important to remember that your body weight will fluctuate day to day just naturally so weighing yourself everyday cannot give you a reflection of your success at all.

Find a way to monitor your success either with your clothes or by photos or even body measurements with a tape but only come back to them every 4 weeks. You need to ensure your mind gets out of the habit of being focused on numbers.

This is one of the best things you can do for your success. And remember your mindset is the key to you reaching your goals.

I challenge you to lock your scales away and stop weighing yourself…. I guarantee you will feel instantly lighter!

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