Stop Beating Yourself Up And You’ll Lose Weight

How often do you beat yourself up for the way you look, the size of your legs, the bits on your belly that roll over your jeans when you sit down? How often do you tell yourself you’re stupid, worthless, a waste of space? Sounds familiar?….it also sounds super harsh doesn’t it, but I can guarantee that the majority of you are doing it.

You see as women we are super harsh on ourselves and really critical of our appearance.

Now as well as being personally abusive and down right rude, you are actually making your situation worse by speaking so negatively to yourself and here’s why.

When it comes to your mindset and unconscious mind, whatever you think about most, whatever occupies the front part of your mind, you will bring about and create in your life. This is science. This is a fact. Think of it like this, everything in your life has began with a though, whether it was the breakfast you had this morning, the last holiday you went on, the last outfit you bought, evert single one began with a thought. You had to think about it to then be able to bring it in to reality and action all the steps that made it happen.

Your thoughts become things and therefore whatever you think about you will bring about.

This is great for the positive things but what about the negative things?

The same thing happens. If you hold negative thoughts in your mind, surprise surprise this is what you will bring more of into your life. Crazy right?….but 100% true.

So when you spend all day beating yourself up for your fat legs and belly rolls, what are thinking about? What are you allowing to occupy your mind and focus the most? Yes…fat legs and belly rolls, so what do you get more of and notice more of? That’s right….fat legs and belly rolls.

Now some of you may think this is crazy but I am telling you it’s true. I know this first hand, I spent years focused on being fat, ugly, unattractive and hating my body and what did i get more of? You guessed it! More of those feelings, I saw more of that in my life and got swallowed up in it until it consumed me every moment of every day.

So what did I do? I started to shift the negative thoughts and self talk and swapped it with self love. Positive thoughts and started to speak to myself the way I would speak to a friend and do you know what it started to change everything for me.

So I challenge you today, instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on what you hate and abusing yourself, tell yourself how much you love you, how much you love your body, how grateful you are for the vehicle that allows you to be here on this planet and exist. And know that how you are feeling right now is just a mere glimpse in a moment of time and it can change and will change the minute you decide its ok to.

Start loving yourself, make peace with your body and just notice how things start to shift around you!