Stuck On The Dieting Treadmill? …How To Get Off!

Hi guys today I’m talking about the dieting treadmill and why it’s so important to get off as soon as you can. This is something I feel so strongly about – I spent years going round and round in circles, obsessed with counting calories, becoming obsessed with food, depriving myself, starving myself and allowing food to take over my life.

Diets absolutely ruined my relationship with food, kept me trapped and gave me no long terms solution and if I can help in anyway to stop this happening to you then I will do whatever it takes.

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Maybe you’re on a diet now, maybe you’ve been dieting for years and cannot get a long term result? I have actually never met any one who has had a permanent result from one of these calorie restricting diets. The cycle begins by you losing a little bit of weight on the diet but as soon as you stop your eating habits go back to normal, you haven’t learnt anything about nutrition, health, building positive habits, and so the weight piles back on, and so continues the never ending cycle.

Being stuck in this cycle does nothing but make you feel like a failure, I know I felt pretty worthless when I was going through it and I hit rock bottom.

So how to get out of the cycle?

I used to think diets were the answer but now I now that actually diets are nothing to do with weight loss – not really!

So you have to shift your perspective. Stop thinking of food as the problem. Diets teach you to govern and restrict your food BUT food is not the problem. Food is a symptom of the problem!

For example – we are over weight because we over eat, we over eat because of something that is going on underneath that, something underlying this such as unresolved emotion, beliefs, values, something we learnt as a kid, “you won’t leave the table until you clear that plate” or “ you don’t get dessert until you finish everything on that plate” Great way to teach us to make sure we feel physically stuffed by the end of a meal!

Your body can also be in survival mode when under too much stress and this stops you losing weight. So no matter how much you govern those calories and restrict your food intake the underlying problem is still there!! Make sense?

This is why the yo-yo dieting cycle occurs – you lose a bit of weight, and then put it all back on when you stop because the underlying issues driving the need for the food are still there.

To get off the dieting treadmill – think a bit deeper. Take a stand for knowing that food is not the problem. Food is a symptom of the problem and find out what’s going on a bit deeper for you and start addressing these things.

What emotions are there?
What beliefs are stopping you reaching your goals?
What past events have gone on that are keeping you trapped?

Start getting clear with these things, be aware of what’s going on. This is the first step to any change, becoming aware!

If you want more help with this then please reach out and let me know, this is what I do, help women just like you break through these barriers and start getting permanent weight loss results.

To your permanent weight loss success