The Power Battle. Food vs You…Who Will Win?

Hi Ladies today I want to talk to you about a common problem that I keep hearing time and time again with my clients which is “food has some kind of power over me”

Now I completely get it, I know exactly how it feels, I have been there. But now I am the other side of it and I want to share with you the information I wished I had when I needed it the most!

Maybe right now you are feeling as though food can make you do crazy things, like get up off the sofa, make your way to the kitchen cupboard, pull out a bar of chocolate and before you know it you’re eating it and haven’t even realised what you are doing? Or maybe food even has enough power to drag you up out of your chair when you were settled in for the night, put on some appropriate clothes, go out in the cold to the shop, to buy something scrummy to then get back home and sit and eat it in front of the tv?…We’ve all been there with the food cravings!

It feels like the food has the power, but today I want to break this down and show you that actually YOU hold all of the power. There is no food in the world that can actually have power over you or make you do anything you don’t want to do, the power is actually in your hands if you decide to take back control.

The reason it can feel out of your control is because this programmed pattern of behaviour is running from your unconscious mind, it feels automatic. The power lies in the reasons why you want the food at this time, the reasons why you give into it, this is where the power is currently lying so we need to switch this up.

So step number one is you becoming aware of when these patterns and programs are running. This sounds simple doesn’t it?

But if you have felt as though some of your food habits are running on auto pilot then this means you are letting them slip by unnoticed by your conscious mind…it’s time to change this for good!

Step number two you have to take back the conscious control and decide that from now on when those old habits arise, that you can recognise them as a habit and decide to take control and let the urge pass by whilst you remain calm and focused on that end goal.

You know that eating that food and giving into these food cravings or urges is not the solution to your weight loss, in fact it is quite the opposite.
The minute you truly realise that you hold the power and that you can choose to say no, everything changes.

It really is that simple ladies, give it a go. Commit to yourself and to getting results.

Remember food has no power, the power is coming from within you so all that’s left to do is redirect it and make sure that power is guided towards you making the right choice and finally getting results. Put you back in the drivers seat…success here we come!