The Universe Works In Amazing Ways…. My Big Wake Up Call

Hi Lovely

Are you a believer in the Universe, that greater power, whatever you want to call it?  

I had a pretty big message from the Universe last week which has brought me right back down to earth (literally) and caused me a lot of pain, but on the up side given me a big wake up call and fantastic reminder in trusting that something greater is at work.

(If you’d prefer to watch the live FB video on this you can do that here or continue down for the written version)

Now around 8 weeks ago I went for a visit to my naturopath, Jason for live blood analysis (if you haven’t had this done I really recommend it, it’s amazing) I’d been feeling a bit more stressed than normal, I’d stepped up my exercise routine, launched a few programs and felt a little depleted. I went to check that nothing internally was out of balance, which it wasn’t yay! 

What we did discover though was I was out of balance with the earth, sounds a bit crazy right? But there was a device that measured my energetic charge and compared it to the earth and there was a difference.

Think of it like this, we’re made of energy, break us down to the smallest thing that we are, we’re atoms, containing positive and negative charge. I had no idea that the when we surround ourselves with laptops, phones and wifi that it overloads us with positive ions, meaning we become out of balance with the charge of the earth, we become out of balance and ungrounded. By simply connecting ourselves to the earth daily we can positively effect our energy and the way we feel.

This is what had happened to me. Jason told me to get back out in nature, connect to the earth, get my feet on the grass, or on the sand, be present, breathe and really truly connect. This would allow the negative ions to flow back to my body, allowing me to become more balanced and grounded. If you go back to when we were cavemen, we were always connected to the earth, we had no shoes or concrete pathways or synthetic grass getting in the way. Today we are always wearing shoes and when we’re not we spend most of our time on man made surfaces.

So a week or two went by and I did get to the beach a couple of times, but then I let it slip, I stopped doing the thing I knew I needed. And this wasn’t just based on what Jason had told me, but on what I intuitively knew, ‘I recharge in nature’ I always say this, you may have even heard me say it in one of my videos, and it’s true. I was resisting the very thing I knew I needed and all thanks to my ego, that little voice that says ‘I’m too busy’ ‘I don’t have enough time’. I came up with every excuse possible to put off getting to the beach and doing something that was going to make me feel good.

I had signs from everywhere to get on the earth, I pulled 2 cards from a friends card deck, one was Air and the other which I pulled upside down from the pack (which for any newbie card users this means you have a block surrounding it) you guessed it, Earth. Ok Universe I’m listening…but I’m still not going to take any action!

Then last Friday I had my appointment to follow up my progress, it had been 8 weeks since the other one. I knew I hadn’t been doing enough of the very thing I needed. I took the dog for a walk, I turned around for one second and she came out of nowhere at full speed, took my legs from under me, I flew up in the air, landed flat on my back with a massive thud, and then my head smashed backwards into the ground. Ouch. Now if that’s not grounding at it’s best I don’t know what is!

This of course was very painful but I know within this was a massive lesson for me, I didn’t see it initially but in reflection it was loud and clear. This was a big reminder to me that the Universe is always working for you, and if you’re not prepared to take the action that you know is going to make you feel good then it’s going to swoop in and do it for you!

I needed to get grounded and be on the earth, I didn’t do it, so the Universe did it for me, in a much more painful way, but it was a big wake up call, I couldn’t ignore it. All week every time I move and felt the sore tightness it was a reminder of my lesson.

So what are you currently not doing for you right now? What do you know you should be doing but are avoiding? Whatever it is go and do it this weekend, learn from my mistakes and save yourself the pain!

We have a tendency as humans to avoid the very things that are going to make us feel the best, whether we think we don’t deserve it or make up some other excuse to not do it, but whatever it is, just take the action, stop putting it off. And remember the Universe will always deliver what you need, so if you don’t take the action it will!

Have an amazing weekend!

Leanne x x

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