Weight Loss Is An Inside Job!

Hey Lovely

Today I want to talk to you about how weight loss is just as much of an inside job as it is an outside one. I know this sounds like a strange concept, but trust me, hear me out, this information was the thing that changed my life and enabled me to lose the weight completely diet free and keep it off too!

You can watch the video below.

I spent many years struggling with my weight, I was 17kgs heavier than I am now, an emotional eater, I was dieting, calorie counting, exercising but couldn’t get a long term result. The emotional eating was really slowing me down but I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t crack the habit, food was my comfort, my happiness, a distraction, it was serving too higher purpose for me.

I wasn’t getting anywhere with my weight loss whilst focusing on the ‘external problem’; the food and the weight, instead I just felt like a failure. I mean why couldn’t I make the diets work? There had to be something wrong with me?

The conventional approach never worked for me. Instead I became obsessed with calorie counting, what food I could and couldn’t eat and food because numbers to me. It took over my mind and my life it was crazy!

But now I know different.

My break through came when I discovered NLP and started working on the internal things, the emotion that I’d bottled up, the lack of belief I had in myself, the fact I thought I wasn’t good enough. When I addressed these things, everything changed and I achieved permanent results. The weight dropped off, my confidence came back and I felt like me again it was amazing!

So what I’ve come to learn and what I want you to take away from this post, is that the external weight you are carrying is actually a direct reflection of internal weight or ’stuff’ that hasn’t been resolved.

It’s a symptom of something going on internally and no matter how much you try to ‘fix’ the external (food and weight), no matter how hard you diet, exercise or count calories, until the internal world is aligned, balanced and whole then you will forever go round in circles. Trust me I did it for years, I know how it works.

What happened for me is a bad break up that I never truly dealt with, not on a deep emotional level. I just pushed it to the side and hoped it would go away, but the build up of emotion from that caused me to want to look outside of myself to find a way of coping, a way to make me feel better, for some people it’s drugs, some it’s alcohol, for me it was food.

You actually carry emotional weight, it physically weighs you down. When your mind is consumed with negativity like mine was from the break up, you start to attract more negativity into your life. What you think about you bring about.

The minute I resolved what was happening internally and addressed the reasons WHY I wasn’t losing weight, as opposed to treating the weight as the problem everything changed for me. I addressed WHY I wanted to eat instead of the viewing the food as the problem and the eating habits ceased. It was amazing.

As a result, my confidence came back, I felt amazing in my body and clothes, the weight dropped off, the eating habits stopped and everything came back into balance. It was amazing. And now I’m showing other women how to do exactly the same thing.

Weight loss is an inside job, become aware of what you’re running internally.
What thoughts do you have about yourself, your body, your ability to succeed?
What emotions are playing a roll in keeping you stuck?
What past events haven’t truly been dealt with?

Get clear with these things because these are the real reasons why you’re not losing weight.

Remember the real problem is happening internally, avoid getting distracted by the external problem.

If you want more help with this, please reach out, this is what my programs are designed to do, take you step by step through the process I used to lose the weight permanently and never look back!

If you’re ready to feel amazing in your clothes, love what you see in the mirror and to be able to eat whatever you want and remain slim then you can email me at info@mindovermuffin.com or reach out on Facebook.

Lots of love